Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC #1 update out, version 1.01 patch notes

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC #1 update out, version 1.01 patch notes

Cygames has released the Avatar, Lilliput, and Accessory Pack, the first major add-on for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, as well as a free update for the game.

The following content comes with the DLC


Talk to the Champion on the airship with the “Avatars” speech bubble above her head to change into one of these new avatars.

1. Princess Noah of the Gourmet Guild

2. Noah, the White Mage

Lilliputs: Sometimes, these Lilliputs show up in the ruins. Get their help and add to your skills!

1. Halvor (★★★)

2. Pirate King Kidd (★★★)

3. Goddess Amelie (★★★)


Randomly, these items can be found in the ruins.

1. Conflagrant Regalia (★★★)

2. Crystalline Regalia (★★★)

3. Fulminous Regalia (★★★)

4. The Master Merchant’s Turban

5. Trusty Piggy Bank (★★★)

Regalia: When you meet certain conditions, you do more damage with it.

Get a discount on items in the Shop when you wear the Master Merchant’s Turban.

Trusty Piggy Bank: Even if you get knocked out in a dungeon, you can keep the gold you find there.

Make good use of these things to get the most out of each expedition.

The 1.01 update for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise adds its own content, like the “Hell Mode” difficulty and new types of rooms in the ruins. Below are the full patch notes.


Added the very hard “HELL Mode” and made the ruins have new types of rooms!

Trey’s bonus stages are the Grand Treasure Vault Elemental Monster Lairs.

– The New Lilliput: Ace\s– There is now an extra place to put an item in the store.

Note: The extra slot will be sold out if a player is already in a shop when the update happens. There are now Anti-aliasing settings for Low and High.

The “Battlesword Noah” Avatar title was fixed.

– When a Monster Lair is done, the map icon for it will go away.

– There was a problem when enemies kept changing direction quickly.

– Fixed a bug that caused the difficulty change to be lost if the player went back to the Title Screen right after changing the level of difficulty.

– Fixed a bug that caused the last settings you used to be used again when you chose the default settings.

– Noah’s graphics have been changed when he is near or using the Potion Cache.

– Fixed a bug that caused the SFX to stop playing when the event skip button was released just before the event was skipped.

– I changed the icon of the Lilliput House on the Airship.

Smoothed out how the cursor moves.

– Adjusted max-ranked support design.

– The background no longer flickers.

– Changed some of the words used during events.

– Fixed tutorial messages.

– Fixed some collision points on the map.

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC now has the Avatar, Lilliput, and Accessory DLC Pack and the 1.01 update.

About Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

Noah, who is a genius at alchemy, is flying through the sky in her airship when she finds strange floating ruins. As she gets closer to the scene to find out what’s going on, she loses control of her ship and it crashes. Noah goes into the ruins because she needs parts to fix her ship and is interested.

Unique Parties, Unique Combos

Gather the Lilliputs you’ve found into a group to explore dungeons. Attack combos are important for getting through the dungeons, and they change depending on the order of your party. You can choose from more than 40 Lilliputs to customize your party and make it as powerful as possible.

A Roguelite Action Game for Fun

Explore dungeons that change each time you go through them, and kill enemies along the way. If you get knocked out during your adventure, don’t worry—you can use the items you’ve earned to strengthen Noah and come back stronger than ever.

Fix your airship, and you’ll get the benefits.

As you explore the ruins, you’ll find mana that you can use to fix and improve your airship. These places will give you a boost that will make your next trip easier. Choose how you want to give Noah a boost based on what each building gives.