Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle gets free Versus Mode

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle gets free Versus Mode

Yesterday Ubisoft announced that they be adding a versus mode, free of charge, so you can play against another with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Test your strategic skills with a single Joy-Con or a Pro Controller in small, action-packed levels.

In Versus Mode things take a  different shape than we are used to with the game. You get a total of three actions per turn, and how you fill it is of major strategic importance. Put each character on a riff, or just focus on one character and make them run, attack and activate a special ability. Whatever you do, your opponent will keep an eye on you, so think carefully about your next move!

Select your team

The choice of characters also has more freedom. You can create a team of Mario characters, or even just Rabbids. Each character has a lot of skills and weapons to keep the matches exciting. There are sixteen variants that can be unlocked, representing three varieties per person or rabbit.

There are also powerups to find (the classic question mark block) which can convert your loss into a win.

The Versus mode is free to download from December 8th in the Nintendo eShop Switch for owners of the game.

We are looking forward to play head to head, what do you guys think?