Mario Tennis Aces – Kamek Trailer

Mario Tennis Aces – Kamek Trailer

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for Mario Tennis Aces. New playable characters are heading to Mario Tennis Aces! Kamek will join the roster in April!


Kamek joins the court!

The trailer promotes the arrival of Kamek in online tournaments, beginning on April 1st. If you would rather obtain the character without participating in an online tournament, then you will be able to do so on May 1st.

Kamek is an old and powerful Magikoopa who acts as something of an advisor to Bowser, and is Yoshi’s eternal enemy. He’s one of the most powerful antagonists in Mario games that you see over and over, and the caretaker of Baby Bowser.

Like other Kamek will be joining a wide variety of characters previously added to the game, including Pauline, Luma, Dry Bones, Boom-Boom, and Piranha Plant.

All in all Mario Tennis Aces has become a veritable who’s who of Mario games, for sure.