Metallic Child – First 48 Minutes

Metallic Child – First 48 Minutes

Should you give Metallic Child on Nintendo Switch a shot? Thanks to Handheld Players, you can now check out the first 48 minutes.

Metallic Child sees players guiding the young android Rona through a ruined space station torn apart by a robot rebellion!


About Metallic Child

A large-scale rebellion erupts within the spacecraft “Life Stream.”

With the help of you, Rona, an android known as “Metallic Child,” stands up against a fleet of massive robots to stop the plot devised by her own creator, Doctor Irene.

METALLIC CHILD is a rogue-lite core-action game, featuring Rona, an android known as “Metallic Child,” taking place in a space laboratory in the not-to-distant future.

A large-scale rebellion has taken place in the space laboratory Life Stream.

All robots aboard, with the exception of Rona and Pan, are conspiring to crash Life Stream into planet earth.

Rona has stood up to stop this plot, and you, of course, will be the one to guide Rona by accessing her control device through this game.

Metallic Child is now available from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $29.99 USD.