Minecraft version 1.18.31 update patch notes

Minecraft version 1.18.31 update patch notes

Minecraft has received another update, this time to version 1.18.31 from Mojang Studios. Since the release of 1.18.30, a number of problems have been resolved.

Version 1.18.31 update patch notes

  • Changes:
    • Spectator Mode is now available as an experimental option. Players may now test out an early version of Spectator Mode.
    • We will not take bug reports for Spectator Mode for the time being since its present implementation is in its early stages of development and susceptible to change.
  • Fixes:
    • Several problems that might occur during gameplay have been fixed. An exploit with wrongly acquiring XP via Furnaces has also been fixed (MCPE-152227)
    • Entities are no longer deleted when teleported into unloaded portions.
    • When reloading RTX worlds, the screen becomes dark (MCPE-152645)
    • When playing on Android devices, fixed textures of distant blocks seem grainy, twisted, and deformed (MCPE-141316)
    • Fixed a problem with flowing water and lava textures not showing up appropriately on iOS devices.
    • Various framerate issues have been resolved, with a focus on less powered mobile devices (MCPE-142934)
    • Buttons can no longer produce Mobs (MCPE-153897)
    • Fixed a bug in which repeatedly saving and reloading certain chunks caused delayed chunk loading, performance difficulties, and game instability (MCPE-154110, MCPE-154278)
    • After upgrading to version 1.18.30, there was a bug that prohibited worlds from being opened.
    • When the prerequisites are satisfied, the “Sound of Music” achievement is now unlocked.
    • Issues with the Nintendo Switch’s Marketplace not launching have been resolved (MCPE-154120)
    • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when making Marketplace purchases.

All Nintendo Switch gamers may now download the Minecraft version 1.18.31 update.