Minecraft’s The Wild Update releases 2022

Minecraft’s The Wild Update releases 2022

A decade passed since Minecraft was officially released. That isn’t even counting the years it had been available in its alpha and beta. Despite the many years that have passed, the game is not only still very popular, but Mojang is still supporting the game with updates.

In fact, the game’s next major update was announced yesterday. It will be called “The Wild Update”. The update will add “lots of fun stuff” to the game. There will be mud, mangrove swamps, various species of tadpoles and frogs, and boats that will contain chests.

The Wild

Mud blocks and mangroves! Frogs and tadpoles! Chests in boats! The deep dark! The warden! The warden? The warden!!! Eeeek! The Wild Update is coming in 2022, making the swamps swampier, the dark darker, and the outdoors greater than ever. First details and info are on display below;