Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming!

Nintendo Switch owners in the West can go hunting for monsters from this summer!

Good news for fans of the Monster Hunter series. Capcom has revealed that the Japanese game Monster Hunter XX will also come to the west, here comes the game under the title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Release and features

From August 28, the game should be in stores. On the upcoming E3 the title is playable and we will undoubtedly hear more. The game supports local and online multiplayer and it is possible to transfer your 3DS save file to the Nintendo Switch version.

The latter option is especially nice for those who played the original Monster Hunter Generations.

In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate you hunt many different monsters, from small to huge. With materials that you collect in the big open world, you can make weapons and other equipment. By becoming stronger you also take on increasingly stronger samples.

All this is done to protect remote villages against the fated Four, and the Elder Dragon.