Moon Studios’ Ori Games: A Metroidvania Masterpiece Surpasses 10 Million Sales

Moon Studios’ Ori Games: A Metroidvania Masterpiece Surpasses 10 Million Sales


Moon Studios’ Ori games, including Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, have achieved remarkable success since their release on Xbox consoles and PC. The recent expansion to the Nintendo Switch platform further solidified their popularity. With Moon Studios’ CEO confirming the sale of 10 million copies, the Ori series stands as one of the most successful in the Metroidvania genre. This article explores the journey of Ori games’ success, its impact on Moon Studios, and the broader implications for the video game industry.

The Success of Ori

The success story of Moon Studios’ Ori games has captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide. Since the release of Ori and the Blind Forest in 2015, followed by Ori and the Will of the Wisps in 2020, these Metroidvania masterpieces have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. With recent announcements confirming significant sales milestones, it’s time to delve into the journey of Ori games’ triumph and their impact on the gaming industry.

Ori and the Blind Forest debuted to widespread acclaim, praised for its breathtaking visuals, emotional storytelling, and challenging gameplay. As players immersed themselves in the lush forests of Nibel, they were captivated by Ori’s journey of self-discovery and the bond forged with allies like Sein. The game’s innovative blend of platforming and exploration set a new standard for the Metroidvania genre, earning it numerous awards and accolades.

Expansion to Nintendo Switch

In 2019, Moon Studios brought the enchanting world of Ori to Nintendo Switch, opening the door to a new audience of players. The release of Ori and the Blind Forest on the hybrid console introduced Nintendo fans to the magical realm of Nibel and garnered praise for its seamless adaptation to the platform. The success of this port paved the way for the arrival of Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Switch the following year, further cementing Ori’s status as a beloved gaming icon.

Confirmation of 10 Million Copies Sold

In a recent tweet, Moon Studios’ CEO shared a momentous milestone: the Ori series has surpassed 10 million copies sold worldwide. This achievement not only reflects the immense popularity of Ori games but also positions them as one of the best-selling franchises in the Metroidvania genre. The CEO expressed gratitude for the support of fans, acknowledging that the success of Ori and the Blind Forest was pivotal in ensuring the studio’s continued existence.

Impact on Moon Studios

The commercial success of the Ori series has had a transformative impact on Moon Studios as a developer. Had Ori and the Blind Forest failed to resonate with audiences, the studio’s future might have been uncertain. However, the overwhelming positive reception and robust sales figures have provided stability and opportunities for growth. Moon Studios’ dedication to crafting immersive experiences has solidified its reputation as a leading indie developer in the gaming industry.

Significance in the Metroidvania Genre

With 10 million copies sold, the Ori series has become a cornerstone of the Metroidvania genre, renowned for its artistic vision and compelling gameplay. The success of Ori games highlights the enduring appeal of exploration-driven experiences and showcases the potential for innovation within established genres. As players continue to embark on Ori’s adventures, the influence of the series on future game development cannot be overstated.

Fan and Critical Reception

Critics and fans alike have showered praise on the Ori series for its captivating narrative, breathtaking visuals, and evocative score. From the emotional journey of Ori and Sein to the breathtaking landscapes of Nibel and Niwen, every aspect of the games has been meticulously crafted to resonate with players on a profound level. The overwhelming positive reception serves as a testament to Moon Studios’ commitment to excellence.

The success of the Ori series reflects broader trends in the video game industry, where quality and innovation are rewarded with commercial success. As consumers seek immersive experiences and meaningful storytelling, developers like Moon Studios have found success by prioritizing creativity and craftsmanship. The Ori games serve as a beacon for indie developers, demonstrating the potential for small studios to make a significant impact on the gaming landscape.

Reflections on Moon Studios’ Journey

From humble beginnings to global acclaim, Moon Studios’ journey with the Ori series is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in game development. With each release, the studio has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in interactive storytelling, captivating audiences with rich narratives and breathtaking visuals. As Moon Studios looks to the future, the legacy of Ori will continue to inspire gamers and creators alike.

As Moon Studios celebrates the success of the Ori series, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for their beloved franchise. While details remain scarce, hints of new adventures and projects suggest that Ori’s journey is far from over. Whether exploring new realms or revisiting familiar landscapes, the Ori franchise promises to continue enchanting players with its magical world and unforgettable characters.


In conclusion, the Ori series stands as a shining example of the heights indie developers can reach in the gaming industry. From its humble beginnings, Ori and the Blind Forest captured the hearts of gamers with its captivating narrative and innovative gameplay, setting the stage for Moon Studios’ meteoric rise. The expansion to the Nintendo Switch further broadened its audience, while the recent announcement of 10 million copies sold solidifies its place as a genre-defining masterpiece.

Moon Studios’ success with Ori not only secured its future but also demonstrated the power of creativity and dedication in game development. The series’ impact on the Metroidvania genre is undeniable, showcasing the enduring appeal of exploration-driven experiences. Critically acclaimed and adored by fans, Ori’s legacy will continue to inspire both players and developers for years to come.

As Moon Studios reflects on its journey with Ori, anticipation builds for what lies ahead. With hints of new adventures on the horizon, the franchise’s magical world and unforgettable characters will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences worldwide. The Ori series has not only left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape but also serves as a testament to the boundless potential of indie gaming.

  • Q1. What is a Metroidvania game?
    • A Metroidvania game is a genre characterized by interconnected levels, exploration, and unlocking new abilities to progress, inspired by the Metroid and Castlevania series.
  • Q2. How does Moon Studios’ Ori series differ from other Metroidvania games?
    • Moon Studios’ Ori games stand out for their stunning visuals, emotional storytelling, and fluid platforming mechanics, setting them apart from traditional Metroidvania titles.
  • Q3. What platforms are Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps available on?
    • Both games are available on Xbox consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch, offering players various options to experience these captivating adventures.
  • Q4. What contributed to the success of Moon Studios’ Ori games?
    • The success of Ori games can be attributed to their compelling narratives, breathtaking visuals, tight gameplay mechanics, and Moon Studios’ dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.
  • Q5. What’s next for Moon Studios and the Ori franchise?
    • While specifics remain undisclosed, Moon Studios continues to work on new projects, and fans eagerly await news of future Ori titles or ventures into new creative territories.