Motion Twin confirms physical version Dead Cells

Motion Twin confirms physical version Dead Cells

Let’s get physical!

Early this year indie hit Dead Cells was announced for Nintendo Switch. Developer Motion Twin is joining forces with publisher Merge Games to release a physical version of Dead Cells for Nintendo Switch!

The game has sold more than 700,000 copies via Steam Early Access, and the makers are eager to release their game on other systems.

The game will appear in August for Nintendo Switch among others.

About Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a two-dimensional “RogueVania”, a genre created by the developer, Motion Twin. The game mixes gameplay from Roguelites such as Binding or Isaac and Enter the Gungeon with classics such as Castlevania and Metroid in a 2D pixelart style.

Find the way through the castle that has a different layout each time.


Use different weapons and skills to get as far as possible. Without checkpoints, every fight will remain exciting and the danger is everywhere. 

Dead Cells is released for Nintendo Switch in August.