NES lifetime sales have been passed

NES lifetime sales have been passed

The Nintendo Switch was very close to passing the lifetime sales of the NES based on Nintendo’s latest financial report.

Now we have official confirmation that the Nintendo Switch has indeed outsold the total lifetime sales of the NES.

Bye bye NES

That is if we were to add up the sales numbers from Nintendo’s financial report (accurate as of June 2020), with the weekly sales figures reported by Famitsu up to now, the Nintendo Switch sold at least 62 million units worldwide.

Although the Nintendo Switch’s actual worldwide sales are likely well over 62 million since Famitsu only accounts for Japanese hardware sales, that figure already brings it past the NES’ lifetime sales of around 61.9 million.

Next please

After the NES, the Nintendo Switch’s next target would be the GBA, which sold 75.87 million units in its lifetime.