New Melty Blood: Type Lumina patch notes (1.1.3)

New Melty Blood: Type Lumina patch notes (1.1.3)

Melty Blood: Type Lumina received a new update from Project Lumina, which includes a number of character changes. 

    Non-Battle System Changes

    • Fix Location Fix Content
    • Character Added playable characters “Dead Apostle Noel” and “Aoko Aozaki”.
    • Stage Added “Summer Sky”, “Magician’s Night EX”, and “Crimson Chapel” stages.
    • Options Added function to Options to allow automatic saving of replays after battles.
    • Network Enables changing of input lag when selecting Rematch in Network Mode.
    • Network Enabled network strength variation when Network Mode player match room policy is ‘Serious Match” only.
    • Network Enabled spectator viewing of input history when Network Mode player match room policy is “Practice” only.
    • Network Added area selection to Network Mode Player Match search parameters.
    • Network Battle Details of lag status with Network Mode opponents can now be displayed.
    • Network Battle Mitigated issue where only one player’s screen was prone to rewinding in Network Mode.
    • All Battles Reduced processing load during battles.
    • All Battles Relaxed command input window for Specials during battles.
    • All Battles Changed simultaneous command input of up and down, or right and left to produce neutral direction during battles.
    • Customize Added items related to Dead Apostle Noel and Aoko Aozaki.
    • Gallery Added items related to Dead Apostle Noel and Aoko Aozaki.
    • Gallery Added previously-unregistered audio to Voice.
    • Gallery Fixed bug where data from outside the category was registered under Voice.
    • Mission Tutorial Allowed display of input history during Mission and Tutorial demo playback.
    • Mission / Tutorial Some Mission and Tutorial Challenges were changed to make them easier to understand.
    • Free Training Added setting to randomize whether shield is forced on guard.
    • Free Training Added setting to start Dummy Playback at the same time as Reversal Actions.
    • Free Training Allowed Training Mode settings to apply to opponent for controlling Dummy as well as when recording Dummy.
    • Free Training Added setting to allow random selection of Reversal Actions from a set of multiple Reversal Actions.
    • Free Training Allowed restoring to default with the Confirm button when selecting Reversal Actions.
    • Free Training Allowed jumping 10 items for changes when selecting Reversal Actions.
    • Free Training Added High Jump and Aerial High Jump to Reversal Actions.
    • Free Training Allowed changing of Moon Icon starting level in 10% increments.
    • Free Training Added constant Moon Drive setting to Moon Icon.
    • Free Training Added setting to reduce the battle speed for practice.
    • Free Training Changed to not use Provoke during Training Mode.
    • Free Training Allowed battle restart with default settings when “Restore All Defaults” is selected.
    • (Steam Only) Options The monitor that displayed the game window now displays in full screen mode when the “Screen Mode” setting is changed from “Window” to “Full Window”.
    • *Blowback Edge: The attack will charge and become more powerful. Normal Skills and Finishers that can be charged vary by character.
    • *Super Armor: means being unable to back out of an opponent’s attack.
    • *Rapid Beat: Press attack buttons in rapid succession. This executes a simple but hard-hitting combo.
    • *Moon Skills: Moon Skills are powerful Specials that can be unleashed by consuming the Moon Icons that appear next to the Life Gauge.
    • *Moon Drive: A power-up that can be activated by using all of your Moon Icons any time you have more than one half full.

    About Melty Blood: Type Lumina

    Melty Blood is reborn.

    This is the latest addition to the series of 2D fighting games based on TYPE-MOON’s visual romance novel, Tsukihime.

    The curtain rises once more on dramatic battles played out with familiar characters from Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-.

    ◆ All-New Stories, Visuals, & Characters

    Explore an all-new MELTY BLOOD world from scenario writer Kinoko Nasu, based on the events of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-.

    Unique story events for each character give each playthrough its own feel, adding to the overall experience.

    Visuals have been updated with HD graphics, and include animation sequences by A-1 Pictures for special attacks.

    Dialog is fully voiced and will change depending on which characters are brought into battle, giving more insight into the characters’ interpersonal relationships.

    ◆ Iconic Battle Systems

    Use characteristic Melty Blood mechanics such as Aerial Combos, Shields, Magic Circuits, Arc Drives, and Last Arcs, as well as a few new powerful techniques under the Moon Skill system. On top of that, an all-new simple control system has been implemented to make the intense battles a little more manageable, while also maintaining a balance which will allow both seasoned veterans and new players alike to fully enjoy the world of Melty Blood.

    ◆ Online battles using rollback netcode

    MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA utilizes rollback netcode for stable online battles against other players.

    ◆ Rich Customization & Gallery Feature

    Customize your title, profile icon, and character outfits for battle. They can even be used in online matches!

    Collect visuals, opening cinematics, music tracks, voices, pixel art, and more in the gallery. You’ll even be able to take a look at guest illustrations created by artists connected to TYPE-MOON titles.

    On Nintendo Switch, Melty Blood: Type Lumina and its newest update, version 1.1.3, are now available. Project Lumina has also just revealed a new DLC character for the game.