Nintendo announces Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

Nintendo announces Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

Nintendo of Europe plans to organize a Nintendo Lab Creators Contest between 19 July and 7 September 2018!

With this promotion Nintendo asks for the creativity of all users of Nintendo Labo to make new, original, creations for Ninteno Labo. Nintendo uses the following three categories in the action: Creations: did you get an idea for an original Toy-Con creation?

Take some pieces of cardboard, go to the Toy-Con workshop and see what you can build!

How creative are you?

Decorations: use pencils, paints, stickers, stencils and whatever you can find and show your unique Toy-Con designs!

Kids: in this category children up to the age of 12 can submit an original Toy-Con creation or decoration. You can even get help from a parent or guardian.

If you eventually kick it to the semi-finals, you win great prizes. The finalists will go home with a set of unique Nintendo Labo Joy Cons, while the winner will receive a unique Nintendo Lab Switch, entirely in cardboard style!