Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial: Golf Story (Japan)

Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial: Golf Story (Japan)

Nintendo Switch Online members in Japan may now take advantage of a new Game Trials promotion from Nintendo. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan will be able to play Golf Story for free from January 7 to 14, 2022.

This isn’t just a free demo; it’s the whole game, so devoted gamers may be able to finish and enjoy the entire game before the deal expires.


About Golf Story

On and off the course, you may tee up anywhere.

Golf Tale is a game that blends the thrill of golf with a meaningful story that takes place across eight distinct courses. Play the role of a golfer who is compelled to give up all he holds dear in order to pursue his aspirations one final time.

But in the world of golf, things aren’t always that straightforward. You must be able to keep up with today’s golfers both on and off the course in order to beat them.


  • Make a tee anywhere! You’d be amazed how many issues can be addressed simply by striking a golf ball at them.
  • Explore eight distinct settings, each having its own set of courses, obstacles, characters, and secrets.
  • Play as a wide group of characters in a dramatic scenario.