Nintendo treats indie games same as AAA titles

Nintendo treats indie games same as AAA titles

Indie games have proved to be a massive success on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We’ve heard of plenty of indie success stories on the platform as users opt to play them on the go and also at home.

In a recent interview  Nintendo has said that they treat indie titles the same way as they would treat triple AAA titles from big publishers such as EA or Activision.

Differences Indies?

As Nintendo, how is the difference between indie game and conventional game recognized?

On Nintendo platforms, we don’t really differentiate between AAA titles from established firms and indie games. In actuality, they’re lined up as equals in the Nintendo eShop. We don’t specially promote indie games just because they are indie games, and conversely we don’t prioritise them below AAA titles either.

Read as “Triple-A Title”. There is no clear definition, but it refers to big hits and other popular games, as well as large-scale games with a large development budget.