Of Carrots and Blood is coming

Of Carrots and Blood is coming

Earlier, Of Carrots and Blood appeared on the gameplatform Steam. Now the game also comes to the three big consoles; the Xbox, PlayStation and of course the Nintendo Switch.

More about Of Carrots and Blood

Or Carrots and Blood is a crazy combination of kissing rabbits, hungry mutant enemies and a lot of blood. The game is characterized by the “Twin Stick” control. We do not see this control so often anymore. You use two thumbsticks. One controls the control of your character, the other takes care of the direction in which you shoot.

Shooting will also be central in this game. In several hordes of enemies are always coming at you. It is your job to protect the enormous root. While you are doing that, you also try to tempt the other rabbit to enter into a relationship with you.


More then the story

In the story there is a short co-op story mode but the most fun is to get out of the endless highscore mode. In this mode you play for the highest score. You can share these scores online to take it against your friends or the rest of the world. Finally there is also a player vs player option in the game. You do not take on opponents but against another player.

This can be done locally on the couch or online!