Over The Top Tower Defense released

Over The Top Tower Defense released

SMG, the minds behind Death Squared, are back with their next game on Nintendo Switch!


In a surprise announcement, the developer revealed that OTTTD (Over The Top Tower Defense) will be hitting Nintendo Switch on 6 May 2019 – for $7.99 USD. This essentially means that the game is now available in Europe.

About Over The Top Tower Defense

Like explosions? Love giant, flying, undead sharks? Then OTTTD is the game for you for you! Alternatively, if you’d like a strategy game that cleverly blends TD & RTS genres for a tactical challenge across an action-packed campaign then OTTTD will scratch that itch.

We describe the game as “Spaceballs meets Starship Troopers”. But anyone under 30 has no idea what Spaceballs is (their loss) and legal said we wouldn’t be allowed to say that… so we fall back on “It’s an anything-goes TD game that doesn’t take itself seriously.”


It wouldn’t be a game press release without bullet points!

  • 25 story levels
  • 3 difficulty levels with multiple save slots
  • 2 unique dimensions
    • Steamcrust (Steampunk/Crustaceans)
    • Nightmare (Horror/zombie)
  • 12 tower types
  • Deep RPG mechanics
  • Choose from 7 unique hero classes to make up your squad of 3. The more action they see the more XP they earn to level them up through custom skill trees.
  • 30+ active abilities
  • 40+ passive skills
  • 40 original weapons to choose from.
  • Multiple armor options with stats to suit your play-style
  • 115% of your RDI of vitamin LOL, gibs and explosions.
  • Epic boss battles including a Steampunk Kraken, flying Zombie Shark Boss and giant War Tortoise.
  • Comic voices by serial collaborator Mick Laur (Ricepirate)
  • Original soundtrack composed exclusively for the game by Sydney based BATTERIE

The ONLY game with a giant shark (Damn you Battlefield 4! We’re still the only game with a PSIONIC Fish Tank!)