Playing with an NES Controller attached works

Playing with an NES Controller attached works

A video showing it’s actually possible to play your Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode with two NES controllers attached to the system popped up recently.


Video credits; NintendoLife

But wait … more is possible

Another shocking discovery was made – it’s possible to play with the Nintendo Switch with an NES controller attached on the left and a Joy-Con attached on the right. Yeah that’s FrankenSwitch … now isn’t it.

The setup looks awkward and incredibly uncomfortable but Nintendo somehow allowed players to play in this setup according to the findings of Alex Olney (NintendoLife)

AND I really have to agree with him. This is just utterly mad … it just looks so wrong and plays so wrong. But well let’s not forget … we are dealing with Nintendo … aka the Japanese. They are the inventors of weird.

Well are you going to go give FrankenSwitch sorta like this a try? (If so, why in the world would you?)