Pokemon Sword & Shield TV commercial

Pokemon Sword & Shield TV commercial

Nintendo revealed a brand new stylish TV commercial for the forthcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield which are due to be released this Friday.

Featuring actors and lovely CGI visuals the 30 second commercial does a good job explaining the game’s new Wild Area where you can encounter and battle Pokemon.


Welcome to Galar!

Experience the most exciting adventures in Galar, a vast area with different environments, from idyllic countryside and modern cities to a wooded landscape and snowy mountains. The people and Pokémon who live there have worked together to build the industry in the region.

On your journey you can visit various Gyms with the ultimate goal of becoming a Pokémon master! You don’t have to do everything on your own, because Galar houses newly discovered Pokémon that you can choose as your first partner!

Meet your first partner Pokémon!

Your adventure in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield starts as soon as you choose one of these three new Pokémon!

– Grookey, a grass type. This naughty chimpanzee Pokémon is very curious

– Scorbunny, a fire type. This rabbit Pokémon is full of energy and runs around all the time.

– Sobble, a water type. This timid water lizard Pokémon is attacking from the water.

The Dynamax phenomenon

Dynamax is a special phenomenon that occurs at specific locations in Galar. At those locations, Pokémon can become huge during battles, which makes the Pokémon battles in this region unique.

Pokémon from Galar can do Dynamaxes, making them exceptionally strong. Fighting between Dynamax Pokémon is therefore always rough.

Discover the Wild Area

The Wild Area is a vast area in Galar where Pokémon thrive well. You will lack eyes to admire all the natural beauty and nowhere in Galar can you find so many different types of Pokémon as in the Wild Area.

Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battles are a new form of fighting and are taking place in the Wild Area. You can collaborate online or locally wireless with up to three other Trainers to compete against a wild Dynamax Pokémon. If you succeed in defeating this Pokémon, you get the chance to catch it, but that is not without a struggle.

Legendary Pokémon

Hardly anything is known about the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. Even for the people of Galar, the two Pokémon are a big mystery.

People and Pokémon from Galar

You go on an adventure with the aim of becoming Champion of Galar. Along the way you will meet all kinds of interesting people and Pokémon.

All kinds of Pokémon live in Galar. Not much is known about this unique Pokémon yet, so researchers are working day and night to find out more about them.