Pokemon Unite – Paid Membership and more

Pokemon Unite – Paid Membership and more

The Pokemon Company has announced a new membership subscription as well as other future new Pokemon Unite activities.

The Pokemon Unite Membership

To begin, the Pokemon Unite Membership is a monthly membership for the game, comparable to the FEH Pass in Fire Emblem Heroes. The monthly membership fee will be 1150 Yen, and subscribers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • This month’s special holowear
  • Every week, there are two free UNITE licensing trials and two Holowear license trials.
  • Members now have access to new chat balloons.
  • Every day, Trainer Fashion 40 Gems get a 10% discount.
  • The first person to register receives a Hoopa Set Fashion item.
  • It is unknown when this service will be available for the game at the time of writing.


Second, beginning on May 7th, the first Saturday of each month will be designated as “Pokemon Unite Day.” During this event, every Pokemon will be accessible for free play, and players will earn more Aeos money and energy than normal. There will also be discounts on some Holowear items.