Rocket League competitive season almost over

Rocket League competitive season almost over

Rocket League has had competitive seasons since the original release in 2015. By winning pots in the competitive modes you climb the ladder from Bronze to Champion.

At the end of each season, each player receives a reward based on the highest achieved rank. Meanwhile, we are almost at the end of the sixth season and participants will receive new wheels this time to show off.

Each variation reflects the results achieved and the best players will even get a new title.

Seventh season

The transition to the seventh season will be accompanied by a so-called “soft reset”. This means that ten rounds have to be played in a category from next Wednesday to get a new rank.

The performance from the previous season will be added to make sure that you return to about the same position. Psyonix has shared moving images of the wheels that will be handed out. See them below.

Rocket League appeared on November 14 in the Nintendo Switch eShop and had a physical release on January 25th.