Rocket League – Formula 1 Fan Pass

Rocket League – Formula 1 Fan Pass

Formula 1 is returning to Rocket League, and fans can buy the Formula 1 Fan Pass to acquire a stylish newly designed F1 vehicle, as well as 2022 F1 Decals, race-ready F1 Pirelli Wheels, and updated 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio. The Formula 1 2022 Player Banner is also available for free in the Item Shop.

More upgrades will be released later in 2022, and if you have the Formula 1 Fan Pass, you will be able to access them immediately. The official Rocket League blog has all the facts about F1 in the free-to-play game.


“Race enthusiasts, rejoice: Formula 1® has triumphantly returned.” Rocket League will be at the FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX for a weekend of high-octane racing and seaside vibes.

A rush of new goods is racing into the Item Shop for this celebration of motorsport. The new 2022 Formula 1® Fan Pass will cost 1100 Credits and will unlock a freshly designed F1® vehicle as well as two further content upgrades later this year. The excitement will peak on May 8 at the Miami International Autodrome, where fans and beginners alike will be able to play Rocket League live on-site!

From May 4 through May 10, look for the Fan Pass as well as a free Formula 1® 2022 Player Banner in the Item Shop.”


“Despite a distinct absence of rocket-powered vehicles, Formula 1® has established itself as one of the world’s finest racing championships.” Massive engines, tight corners, and ground-breaking technical developments have propelled these racing vehicles well beyond the unthinkable, and many of these technologies have influenced the street automobiles we drive today.

In-game, the open-wheeled Formula 1® vehicle receives a revamp for 2022. A comprehensive set of OEM 2022 Decals, race-ready Pirelli Wheels, and revised 2022 Formula 1 Engine Audio provide the entire racing experience without the bother of being a professional driver.

The drivers, vehicles, and engines get a lot of attention, but it is the spectators who make Formula 1® races really magical. The Formula 1® 2022 Player Banner is available in the Item Shop for free as a present to racing fans globally.”


  • Formula One Car in 2022 (Dominus Hitbox)
  • 2022 Formula 1 Engine Soundtrack
  • Pirelli Tires
  • Decal for Alfa Romeo 2022
  • Decal AlphaTauri 2022
  • Ferrari Decal 2022
  • McLaren 2022 Sticker
  • Decal for Red Bull 2022
  • McLaren Decal Miami 2022


“Because Formula 1® has too much history to contain within a single package, two extra upgrades will be released later in 2022 to keep the excitement running all year.” If you buy the 2022 Formula 1® Fan Pass now, these future enhancements will be unlocked for free when they become available!

Players will gain 5 additional Decals for the 2022 Formula 1 Car in an update this summer. Alpine 2022, Aston Martin 2022, Haas 2022, Mercedes 2022, and Williams 2022 are among the 2022 models. Each Decal shows the meticulous collaboration between the world’s leading manufacturers and Formula 1®.

Another upgrade will be released this fall, unlocking three color versions of the iconic Pirelli Wheels. Pirelli has been the exclusive tire manufacturer of Formula One® since 2010, and these beloved red, white, and yellow tires were meticulously constructed to withstand incredible speeds.”