Rune Factory 5 gameplay

Rune Factory 5 gameplay

Before the game’s March 2022 release, XSEED Games and Marvelous released some new gameplay for Rune Factory 5. 


About Rune Factory 5

With the newest installment in the Rune Factory simulation RPG series, go on a huge journey in a magical universe. The hero arrives in a quiet village gifted by nature after losing their recollection. They are then recruited into SEED, a peacekeeping ranger group, and their new existence starts. In addition to their regular responsibilities of assisting villages, solving rune-related riddles, and apprehending rogue monsters, they engage in recreational activities that provide an equal level of thrill.

There are various ways for Earthmates to unwind after a long day of adventure, whether it’s farming crops on a dragon’s back, going on fishing trips, searching for minerals in the mountains, or attending local festivals.

Players’ relationships with townfolk give dimension to battle with brand-new link attacks, as well as at home with the newly featured co-op cooking function. Players may propose to their true love to start a family as they become closer to the twelve suitable marriage prospects and discover more about them via various narratives. Earthmates may pick any of the twelve eligible marriage prospects regardless of gender for the first time in the series, and fans can get an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how it came to fruition in our newly uploaded localization blog. In Rune Factory 5, the scene has been prepared, and the curtain has been raised on an exciting new adventure!

Key Features

  • Ride a monster mount into the wide, colourful wilderness to discover quiet woods, historic ruins, and even the interior of a volcano!
  • Guardian of the Garden – Choose from seven different weapon kinds and battle with up to three friends, then switch to farm equipment to raise a variety of crops with monster farmhands.
  • There Is Never a Boring Moment – Compete in culinary, crafting, and fishing competitions, or bring your sweetie to one of Rigbarth’s numerous seasonal festivals for stargazing and flower watching.
  • Find That Special Person – Date one of the twelve potential marriage prospects, discover more about them by completing their unique plot, then propose and begin a family!

For Nintendo Switch, Rune Factory 5 is set to release in March 2022 in the West.