Scrap Riders – Launch trailer

Scrap Riders – Launch trailer

Microids has published a launch video in honor of the recent debut of Scrap Riders on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This comes after Microids and Games for Tutti had previously stated that the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch.


About Scrap Riders

Scrap Riders is a pixel art adventure game that takes place in a cyberpunk world of the far future.

You go by the name of Rast and are a member of the criminal motorcycle gang known as the Scrap Riders. Fight your way across the wasteland as well as the big metropolises that are controlled by corporations.

To make it through this post-apocalyptic world, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a smuggler with a sarcastic sense of humor…


The world is a harsh place in which only the mighty are afforded any degree of comfort. Living in the wasteland is necessary in order to maintain your independence. And there are not many resources there…

Gather with the other members of your gang, and then chat to the people that live in the village.

When you complete the missions that will gain you more street cred with the SCRAP RIDERS, you will need to eliminate members of other gangs as well as corrupt police officers.

Ride your motorbike and do everything you can to ensure the continued existence of your gang.

Conduct research to find out who is behind the cargo thefts, and expose their plot.

But above everything else, keep your strength!


  • An adventure in the traditional sense.
  • Ridiculously acerbic banter between characters.
  • A beat ’em up style that combines exploration and action in its gameplay.
  • Both the beginning and the end of your character’s journey. A lengthy tale that is replete with extensive lore.
  • Original music that was made for the game Scrap Riders particularly.
  • Cunning puzzles.

The racing video game Scrap Riders may be downloaded from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now.