Souldiers – Has been slighty delayed

Souldiers – Has been slighty delayed

Publisher Dear Villagers and Retro Forge, the developers of Souldiers, have announced a little delay. The action-RPG Metroidvania adventure has been pushed back until June 2, 2022. Back in March, a May 19 release date for Souldiers was announced.


Alberto Hernández, creative director of Retro Forge, commented on the Souldiers delay:

We’re very pleased with how Souldiers is coming along overall, but we still have a few bugs to work out and we want to ensure that when we release the game – and ask consumers to spend their hard earned money on it – that they’re getting a bug-free premium experience. We know how much it sucks to have to wait longer, but we assure everyone that it will be worth the wait. We’re a small team, and developing a game of Souldiers’ scale, during a global pandemic no less, saw us overcoming many unforeseen challenges, so we really appreciate your patience as we polish up Souldiers into the refined retro experience you all deserve.

About Souldiers

While battling for your kingdom’s greatness, you and your fellow warriors are swept away to Terragaya, a magical country on the outskirts of the afterlife. Your mission is to find the Guardian and go to the next planet. The snag? You and your comrades were never killed.

Outwit crafty foes, solve diabolical riddles, develop your character, and explore every nook and cranny of a stunning, sophisticated 16-bit universe. Souldiers is a meticulously created vintage epic for the ages.


  • Slash, parry, and dodge your way through an ever-changing roster of foes, improving your abilities and equipment to discover the right battle style for you.
  • Discover a massive handmade terrain teeming with riches, tough-as-nails bosses, and hidden routes.
  • Terragaya comes to life with vivid world-class pixel imagery that is jam-packed with details.
  • Smart moves: Use an ever-expanding moveset to solve environmental problems and hop from one location to another.

Souldiers will first be offered as an eShop download on the Nintendo Switch.