Soulvars: Mastering the Innovative Deckbuilding RPG Experience

Soulvars: Mastering the Innovative Deckbuilding RPG Experience


Embark on a thrilling adventure in Soulvars, the groundbreaking deckbuilding RPG that takes combat to the next level. Dive into the innovative Soulbit system, where strategic actions and deck-controlling Abilities combine to deliver breathtaking moves. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance as grotesque Dominators threaten the world, and it’s up to the elite Soulbearers to intercept and counter their attacks. Join Yakumo, a freelance Soulbearer, as he takes on assignments from the private military contractor “DDO” and unravels the secrets behind these malevolent creatures.

Engage in turn-based battles, employing tactical planning, and dynamic pixel art animations. Hunt unique Dominators for rare and powerful gear on your path to mastering the ultimate Arts. With an enhanced UI and intuitive controller input on the Nintendo Switch, Soulvars delivers a gaming experience like no other.

Innovative Deckbuilding RPG Experience

Welcome to the captivating world of Soulvars, where a unique blend of deckbuilding combat and RPG elements awaits. Developed by Shueisha Games and Ginolabo, Soulvars has made its much-anticipated debut on the Nintendo Switch. In this article, we will delve into the innovative features that set Soulvars apart and explore the immersive gameplay that has captured the hearts of RPG enthusiasts.


Soulvars Combat

At the core of Soulvars lies its groundbreaking Soulbit system. This system revolutionizes deckbuilding combat by introducing strategic Soulbit actions. Players can combine these actions with deck-controlling Abilities to execute over 100 breathtaking moves. Tactically countering the powerful attacks and debuffs from the enemy Dominators becomes a thrilling endeavor, requiring precise timing and calculated decision-making. Soulvars offers the best of both worlds, blending deep deckbuilding strategy with high-speed RPG battles.

Tactical Countering of Dominators

In Soulvars, humanity grapples with the consequences of its technological advancements, as grotesque Dominators suddenly appear. To combat this menace, elite units of Soulbearers have emerged—next-generation humans born with alternate Souls. These skilled warriors, dispatched by the private military contractor “DDO,” work tirelessly to intercept and counter the relentless Dominator attacks. Our protagonist, Yakumo, a freelance Soulbearer, finds himself in the midst of this chaos, undertaking perilous assignments that unravel the mysteries surrounding the Dominators.

The Story of Yakumo, a Freelance Soulbearer

Yakumo serves as the lens through which players experience the enthralling narrative of Soulvars. As a freelance Soulbearer, Yakumo takes on missions from the enigmatic organization known as “DDO.” His journey is fraught with danger and intrigue, revealing deep-rooted secrets and uncovering the truth behind the Dominators’ origins. As players guide Yakumo through this perilous path, they will witness his growth as a Soulbearer and witness his encounters with unique characters who shape his destiny.

Dynamic Pixel Art Animations and Turn-Based Battles

One of the distinguishing visual aspects of Soulvars is its dynamic pixel art animations, which breathe life into every battle and exploration. The meticulously crafted pixel art style immerses players in a nostalgic yet vibrant world. As they engage in turn-based battles, they are treated to visually stunning animations that enhance the excitement and intensity of each encounter. Every enemy encountered is like a puzzle waiting to be solved, requiring careful observation and strategic planning. By identifying the weaknesses of the Dominators, players can unleash devastating Soulbit actions and combine them for powerful finishing moves. The synergy between the engaging gameplay mechanics and the captivating pixel art animations creates an unforgettable gaming experience.

Hunting Unique Dominators for Rare Gear

Exploring the expansive cityscape of Soulvars presents an opportunity for players to hunt unique Dominators. These hunts not only contribute to the overall narrative but also provide a chance to acquire rare and powerful gear. Armed with their customized decks and mastered Abilities, players can undertake thrilling encounters with formidable Dominators. By successfully defeating these creatures, they will be rewarded with valuable loot, including gear that enhances their combat capabilities. This aspect adds depth to the gameplay, encouraging players to strategize and optimize their decks while seeking out these rare encounters.

Nintendo Switch Version with Enhanced UI

Soulvars has found a new home on the Nintendo Switch, offering players an enhanced gaming experience. The developers have optimized the game’s horizontal user interface (UI) specifically for the Nintendo Switch’s display, ensuring seamless gameplay and intuitive navigation. With the convenience of the console’s handheld mode, players can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Soulvars anytime, anywhere. The integration of the Nintendo Switch’s controller input further enhances the gameplay, allowing for precise control and fluid execution of moves during intense battles.

Mastering the Ultimate Arts in Soulvars

Within the depths of Soulvars lies the pursuit of mastering the ultimate Arts. As players progress through the game, honing their skills and expanding their deck-building strategies, they will unlock and unleash powerful finishing moves. These ultimate Arts serve as a testament to the player’s expertise, combining their accumulated knowledge, carefully crafted decks, and tactical prowess. The exhilaration of executing these awe-inspiring Arts against challenging foes cannot be understated, solidifying the player’s place as a true Soulbearer.


Soulvars is a deckbuilding RPG that pushes the boundaries of traditional gameplay, offering an innovative combat system, a captivating storyline, and stunning pixel art animations. The game immerses players in a world where they must strategically navigate battles, counter Dominator attacks, and uncover the secrets of their existence. With its release on the Nintendo Switch, Soulvars provides an enhanced gaming experience, allowing players to dive into the game’s rich universe with an optimized UI and intuitive controls. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you master the ultimate Arts and become a legendary Soulbearer.

  • Q: Can I play Soulvars on platforms other than the Nintendo Switch?
    • A: Currently, Soulvars is available on the Nintendo Switch platform. However, future releases on other platforms have not been ruled out.
  • Q: How does the Soulbit system work in Soulvars?
    • A: The Soulbit system in Soulvars introduces strategic actions that players can combine with deck-controlling Abilities. This allows for the execution of over 100 breathtaking moves, enhancing the depth and excitement of combat.
  • Q: What makes the pixel art animations in Soulvars stand out?
    • A: The pixel art animations in Soulvars are meticulously crafted, breathing life into every battle and exploration. They add a visually stunning and nostalgic element to the game, immersing players in its captivating world.
  • Q: Can I customize my deck in Soulvars?
    • A: Yes, Soulvars offers extensive deck customization options, allowing players to tailor their decks to their preferred playstyle. By strategically selecting and combining cards, players can optimize their deck for different encounters and maximize their effectiveness in battle.
  • Q: Are there different types of Dominators in Soulvars?
    • A: Yes, Soulvars features a variety of unique Dominators, each with its own set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Players will encounter a diverse range of these menacing creatures throughout their journey.
  • Q: How does hunting Dominators for rare gear enhance the gameplay?
    • A: Hunting Dominators not only contributes to the game’s narrative but also provides an opportunity to acquire rare and powerful gear. This gear enhances the player’s combat capabilities, allowing them to face tougher challenges and further customize their playstyle.
  • Q: Does Soulvars offer replayability?
    • A: Absolutely! Soulvars offers a high level of replayability with its deep deckbuilding mechanics, branching storylines, and diverse encounters. Each playthrough allows players to experiment with different strategies, uncover alternative paths, and discover new secrets.