Speed Crew 1.2.0: Cross-Play and Chinese Localization

Speed Crew 1.2.0: Cross-Play and Chinese Localization


Experience the thrill of Speed Crew’s latest update, version 1.2.0! This update brings groundbreaking features such as cross-play functionality and Simplified Chinese localization, alongside crucial bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. Join the global racing community, compete across platforms, and dive into high-speed challenges like never before. Discover how to access the update, its impact on player engagement, and more in this comprehensive guide.

Overview of Speed Crew Update 1.2.0

The eagerly awaited Speed Crew update, version 1.2.0, has arrived, packed with exciting new features and improvements. Among the headline additions are cross-play functionality and Simplified Chinese localization, catering to a wider audience of players worldwide.

Cross-Play Functionality

Cross-play functionality marks a significant milestone for Speed Crew, allowing players on different platforms to unite in intense pit stop challenges. Whether you’re on Switch, PC, or another platform, you can now join forces with friends or compete against rivals, transcending boundaries and fostering a more inclusive gaming community.

Simplified Chinese Localization

With the addition of Simplified Chinese localization, Speed Crew welcomes a new wave of players from China and beyond. This localization ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the game, with all text and dialogue translated for seamless gameplay.

Load Game Screen Fix

One of the notable fixes addresses the ‘Load Game’ screen in the French localization, resolving an issue where the progress percentage was missing. This ensures a smoother gaming experience for French-speaking players.

Loading Time Optimization

The eternal loading bug that plagued players when the client lost connection during level loading has been eradicated. Now, players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay sessions without the frustration of prolonged loading times.

Gameplay Enhancements

Several gameplay improvements have been implemented to enhance the overall experience. Issues such as the plunger getting stuck on conveyor belts and network client controls freezing have been rectified, ensuring seamless gameplay across all levels and scenarios.

Impact of Cross-Play on Player Engagement

The introduction of cross-play functionality has sparked excitement within the Speed Crew community, opening up new opportunities for collaboration and competition. Players can now connect with a broader player base, forming alliances and rivalries that transcend platform barriers.

Feedback on Update 1.2.0

Early feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the addition of cross-play and Chinese localization. The community’s enthusiasm underscores the success of these new features in enriching the Speed Crew experience.

How to Access the Update

Accessing the Speed Crew 1.2.0 update is simple and straightforward. Players can download the update from their respective platforms’ stores or follow in-game prompts to install the latest version seamlessly.

Cross-play functionality ensures compatibility across all supported platforms, including Switch, PC, and more. Whether you’re racing on the go or at home, you can enjoy the benefits of cross-platform gaming with Speed Crew 1.2.0.


The release of Speed Crew 1.2.0 marks a new chapter in the game’s evolution, with cross-play functionality and Chinese localization enhancing the gameplay experience for players worldwide. As the community continues to grow and thrive, Speed Crew remains at the forefront of multiplayer racing games, delivering excitement, camaraderie, and adrenaline-fueled action.

  • Q: How do I access the cross-play feature in Speed Crew 1.2.0?
    • A: To access cross-play functionality in Speed Crew 1.2.0, ensure that you have updated the game to the latest version. Once updated, you can join multiplayer sessions with friends or random players across different platforms seamlessly.
  • Q: What are the benefits of cross-play in Speed Crew?
    • A: Cross-play in Speed Crew enhances the multiplayer experience by allowing players on different platforms to compete or collaborate in pit stop challenges. This feature fosters a more diverse and inclusive gaming community, enriching the overall gameplay experience.
  • Q: Is the Speed Crew update available on all platforms simultaneously?
    • A: Yes, the Speed Crew 1.2.0 update, featuring cross-play functionality and Chinese localization, is available simultaneously on all supported platforms. Players can download the update from their respective platform’s store and start enjoying the new features immediately.
  • Q: Are there any language options besides English in Speed Crew 1.2.0?
    • A: Yes, Speed Crew 1.2.0 introduces Simplified Chinese localization, allowing players to experience the game in their preferred language. This localization ensures that all text and dialogue within the game are translated for a more immersive gameplay experience.
  • Q: What improvements can I expect in Speed Crew 1.2.0 besides cross-play and localization?
    • A: Speed Crew 1.2.0 includes various bug fixes and gameplay enhancements to improve overall performance and stability. Issues such as loading screen errors, network freezes, and gameplay glitches have been addressed to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.