Splatfest: Super Mushrooms and Super Stars starts Friday

Splatfest: Super Mushrooms and Super Stars starts Friday

The next Splatoon 2 Splatfest will startthis Friday at 10pm UK time / 2pm PT and players have the choice of deciding to choose between Team Invincibility or Team Super Mushroom in the special Super Mario-themed Splatfest.

As an incentive Nintendo announced that the top one hundred players on each of the Splatfest team will receive a special collectible Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary medal. Want one? Then be sure to register in-game to compete on your team of choice!

All Splatfest editions

  1. Cake vs. Ice Cream
  2. Mayo vs. Ketchup
  3. Flight vs. Invisibility
  4. Vampire vs. Werewolf
  5. Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy
  6. Sweater vs. Sock
  7. Action vs. Comedy
  8. Money vs. Love
  9. Chicken vs. Egg
  10. Baseball vs. Soccer
  11. Raph vs. Leo
  12. Mikey vs. Donnie
  13. Raph vs. Donnie
  14. Pulp vs. No-Pulp
  15. Squid vs. Octopus
  16. Fork vs. Spoon
  17. Retro vs. Modern
  18. Trick vs. Treat
  19. Salsa vs. Guac
  20. Hero vs. Villain
  21. Fam vs. Friend
  22. Pancake vs. Waffle
  23. Knight vs. Wizard
  24. Hare vs. Tortoise
  25. Time Travel vs. Teleportation
  26. Unicorn vs. Narwhal
  27. Chaos vs. Order
  28. Mayo vs. Ketchup
  29. Chicken vs. Egg
  30. Trick vs. Treat
  31. Super Mushroom vs.Super Star

Will there be more … who knows, perhaps a Zelda themed one will come for the 35th anniversary.