Splatoon 2 – Super Mario Splatfest announced

Splatoon 2 – Super Mario Splatfest announced

During the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct, Nintendo revealed that the Super Mario festivities would be heading to Splatoon 2!

Choose your powerup

A special Super Mario Splatfest will be taking place in January 2021 – with the theme “Which power-up do you prefer?“

The two teams available will be Team Super Mushroom versus Team Super Star!

For those not in the know, Splatfests are weekend contests in Nintendo’s team-based third-person shooter where players pick a side and battle online to find out which of two ‘things’ are better: ketchup or mayo, fish or chips, chicken or egg – that sort of thing. At the end of the tournament, scores are tallied and results decided with a (slightly odd) best-out-of-three system. Good, harmless (and quite random) fun!

Nintendo stopped hosting regular Splatfests a while ago, although it has run a couple of one-off ‘bonus’ competitions in recent months.