Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2024: Update and Patch Notes

Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2024: Update and Patch Notes


Splatoon 3 continues to thrive with extensive support from Nintendo, and the Sizzle Season 2024 update is a testament to this commitment. The version 8.0.0 update brings a plethora of new content and changes to enhance the gaming experience.

Key highlights include a new catalog with gear and emotes, the introduction of the Lemuria Hub battle stage, and the addition of new weapons like the Wellstring V and Mint Decavitator. Multiplayer modes see the inclusion of new songs and significant terrain adjustments across various stages.

Detailed patch notes reveal changes to weapon specifications and special abilities, aiming to balance and improve gameplay. Splatfest enhancements introduce the Conch Clash system, offering players more opportunities to earn rewards. Salmon Run sees the challenging Triumvirate XTRAWAVE, and SplatNet 3 gets new support features with Journey 6. The DLC Expansion Pass now includes additional Sheldon Licenses and battle-boosting bonuses. This update promises to refine and expand the Splatoon 3 experience, keeping the community engaged and excited for future developments.

Splatoon 3’s Continued Support

Splatoon 3 has been a standout title for Nintendo, consistently receiving robust support and frequent updates. This ongoing dedication from Nintendo ensures that the game remains fresh and engaging for its player base. With each update, new content is added, gameplay mechanics are refined, and bugs are fixed, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The latest update, version 8.0.0, is part of the highly anticipated Sizzle Season 2024, which promises a wealth of new features and improvements.

The Sizzle Season 2024 is set to bring a significant amount of new content to Splatoon 3. Scheduled to begin on June 1, 2024, this season introduces a new catalog, battle stage, weapons, and various other enhancements. These additions are designed to keep the gameplay exciting and provide players with fresh challenges and rewards.

New Catalog Items

With the launch of Sizzle Season 2024, players can look forward to a new catalog filled with a variety of items. This catalog includes new gear, titles, banners, decorations, stickers, and emotes. Each item is carefully crafted to provide players with new ways to customize their characters and express their unique styles within the game. The new gear options not only offer aesthetic appeal but also come with various stats and abilities that can impact gameplay, allowing players to tailor their loadouts to their preferred playstyle.

Lemuria Hub: The New Battle Stage

One of the most exciting additions in Sizzle Season 2024 is the introduction of a new battle stage, Lemuria Hub. This stage is designed to offer a fresh battlefield for players to explore and master. The layout of Lemuria Hub includes multiple strategic points and routes, providing numerous opportunities for tactical play. The stage’s unique design elements and dynamic environment are sure to challenge players and encourage innovative strategies during battles.

New Weapons in Sizzle Season 2024

Weapon diversity is a key aspect of Splatoon 3’s gameplay, and Sizzle Season 2024 does not disappoint in this regard. The update introduces several new weapons, each with unique features and abilities that can significantly impact battle dynamics.

Wellstring V and Custom Wellstring V

The Wellstring V and its custom variant are new additions to the game’s arsenal. These stringer-type weapons fire five ink shots simultaneously. Similar to the Tri-Stringer, charging the Wellstring V allows the ink shots to freeze and explode upon landing, providing a tactical advantage. The Custom Wellstring V offers variations with different sub and special weapons, giving players more options to customize their loadouts based on their playstyle and strategic preferences.

Mint Decavitator and Charcoal Decavitator

The Mint Decavitator and Charcoal Decavitator are new splatana-type weapons with distinctive attack styles. These weapons feature a wide horizontal attack range for their charged swipes, making them effective for clearing out opponents in close quarters. The charged swipe also includes a long lunge, allowing players to quickly close the distance with their enemies. These new weapons add depth to the game’s combat mechanics and offer new ways for players to approach battles.

Changes to Multiplayer

Multiplayer modes are the heart of Splatoon 3, and the Sizzle Season 2024 update brings several changes aimed at enhancing the multiplayer experience. These changes include new music tracks, terrain adjustments, and weapon updates.

New Songs Added

To keep the multiplayer battles lively and engaging, the update introduces two new songs that will play during battles. These tracks, set to debut at the beginning of Fresh Season 2024, are designed to energize players and add to the overall atmosphere of the game. Music plays a crucial role in creating an immersive gaming experience, and these new additions are sure to be well-received by the community.

Terrain Changes in Battle Stages

Several existing battle stages have undergone terrain changes to improve gameplay balance and provide new strategic opportunities. For instance, the terrain in stages like Barnacle & Dime and Hammerhead Bridge has been adjusted to increase the number of routes into the center and offer more options for strategic positioning. These changes aim to enhance the flow of battles and make each stage more dynamic and challenging. Other stages, such as Museum d’Alfonsino, Um’ami Ruins, and Brinewater Springs, have also seen significant modifications to their layouts, ensuring a fresh experience for players.

Detailed Patch Notes for Version 8.0.0

The version 8.0.0 update includes detailed patch notes that outline various changes and improvements made to the game. These notes are essential for players to understand how the update affects gameplay and what new features have been added.

Specifications for Main Weapons

Several main weapons have received adjustments to their specifications to improve game balance. For example, the damage dealt by weapons like the Sploosh-o-matic and Splattershot Jr. to Splash Walls has been increased by about 10%. Other weapons, such as the L-3 Nozzlenose, have seen their maximum damage increased, while the Aerospray MG and N-ZAP ’85 have adjustments to their shot scatter mechanics. These changes aim to ensure that all weapons remain viable options and that no single weapon dominates the meta.

Specifications for Special Weapons

Special weapons have also been fine-tuned to enhance their effectiveness and usability. The Reefslider, for instance, now inks along the rails before launch, and the Big Bubbler inks the ground where it is placed. These changes are designed to provide more strategic uses for these special weapons, allowing players to better integrate them into their battle plans. The Ink Vac and Splattercolor Screen have also received adjustments to improve their utility in various combat scenarios.

Splatfest Enhancements

Splatfests are a beloved feature in Splatoon 3, and the Sizzle Season 2024 update brings several enhancements to this event. These changes are aimed at making Splatfests more rewarding and engaging for players.

Conch Clashes and Conch Shells

A new system called Conch Clashes has been introduced, allowing players to earn conch shells in certain battles. These shells can be obtained during 10x Battles, 100x Battles, and 333x Battles, with the number of shells awarded increasing with the battle’s difficulty. This system ensures that players have more opportunities to earn rewards during Splatfests, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Splatfest Float Photo Opportunity

Winning a 10x Conch Clash or 33x Conch Clash grants players the opportunity to board the Splatfest Float and take a picture. This feature adds a fun, social element to Splatfests, allowing players to commemorate their victories and share their achievements with friends. The photo opportunity can be accessed from the Pledge Box in Splatsville, making it a convenient and enjoyable addition to the game.

Updates to Salmon Run

Salmon Run, the cooperative multiplayer mode in Splatoon 3, also receives significant updates in the Sizzle Season 2024 patch. These updates aim to provide new challenges and rewards for players who enjoy this mode.

Triumvirate XTRAWAVE

A new and challenging Triumvirate XTRAWAVE event has been added to Salmon Run. In this event, players will face three King Salmonids attacking simultaneously, making for an intense and demanding battle. Successfully repelling these enemies will reward players with triple the usual amount of fish scales, providing a substantial incentive for taking on this challenge.

New Grizzco Loaned Weapon

A new loaned weapon from Grizzco has been introduced, offering players a powerful tool to use during Salmon Run. This weapon’s specifications have been fine-tuned to ensure it is effective in the chaotic and fast-paced environment of Salmon Run. Additionally, new items can be exchanged for fish scales, giving players more options to enhance their gear and abilities in this mode.

Changes to SplatNet 3

SplatNet 3, the companion app for Splatoon 3, also receives updates in the Sizzle Season 2024 patch. These changes aim to enhance the app’s functionality and provide players with more ways to interact with the game.

Introduction of Journey 6 to Wandercrust

Journey 6 has been added to the Wandercrust feature in SplatNet 3. Players can support Journey 6 after completing the first five journeys, using points earned by inking turf during Sizzle Season 2024. This addition provides players with new goals to achieve and rewards to earn, encouraging continued engagement with the app and the game.

Support Points from Sizzle Season 2024

Players can now earn support points for Journey 6 by inking turf in Sizzle Season 2024. This system incentivizes players to participate in the new season and contribute to the Wandercrust feature. The support points can be used to unlock various rewards, adding another layer of motivation for players to stay active in the game.

DLC Expansion Pass Updates

The DLC Expansion Pass for Splatoon 3 continues to offer new content and benefits for players. The Sizzle Season 2024 update includes several enhancements to the Expansion Pass, providing additional value for those who have purchased it.

Battle-Boosting Bonuses

Players with the DLC Expansion Pass can now receive 10 Sheldon Licenses as part of a battle-boosting bonus. These licenses can be used to unlock new weapons and gear, giving players an edge in battles. This bonus is available to all players who have already received the previous battle-boosting bonus, ensuring that everyone benefits from this update.

Additional Sheldon Licenses

In addition to the battle-boosting bonus, players can access the lobby terminal after applying the update to receive 10 additional Sheldon Licenses. This feature provides more flexibility for players to customize their loadouts and experiment with new weapons, enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

Other Notable Changes

The Sizzle Season 2024 update includes several other changes that aim to improve the overall gameplay experience. These adjustments cover various aspects of the game, from weapon efficiency to reporting options.

Weapon Efficiency Adjustments

To ensure that weapons are used as intended, adjustments have been made to the efficiency of certain weapons. For example, the Squeezer and Foil Squeezer now have a modified firing interval to prevent players from exploiting rapid button presses. These changes are designed to maintain balance and fairness in battles, ensuring that all players have a level playing field.

Reporting Options for Friend-Request Harassment

A new reporting option for Friend-Request Harassment has been added, allowing players to report inappropriate behavior when receiving friend requests. This feature aims to create a safer and more respectful gaming environment by addressing harassment and offensive behavior. The addition of this option reflects Nintendo’s commitment to maintaining a positive community for all players.

Impact of the Update on Gameplay

The Sizzle Season 2024 update brings numerous changes that will have a significant impact on gameplay. These changes are designed to enhance the overall experience and provide new challenges and opportunities for players.

Enhanced Battle Strategies

The introduction of new weapons, terrain changes, and adjustments to weapon specifications will require players to adapt their strategies and tactics. For example, the new Wellstring V and Mint Decavitator weapons offer unique abilities that can be leveraged in various combat scenarios. Similarly, the terrain changes in battle stages provide new opportunities for strategic positioning and movement. Players will need to experiment with these new elements to find the most effective ways to use them in battles.

Community Reactions

As with any major update, the Sizzle Season 2024 patch is expected to generate a range of reactions from the community. Players will likely appreciate the new content and improvements, while also providing feedback on any issues or areas for further enhancement. Community engagement and feedback are crucial for the ongoing development of Splatoon 3, and Nintendo is likely to take this input into account for future updates. Overall, the Sizzle Season 2024 update is poised to deliver an exciting and refreshed experience for all Splatoon 3 players.


The Sizzle Season 2024 update for Splatoon 3 is a substantial addition to the game, bringing new weapons, battle stages, and numerous improvements to enhance gameplay. With detailed patch notes, changes to multiplayer and Splatfests, updates to Salmon Run, and enhancements to SplatNet 3 and the DLC Expansion Pass, this update promises to keep the game engaging and exciting for players. The impact of these changes will be felt across all aspects of the game, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and explore new content. As always, community feedback will play a vital role in shaping future updates, ensuring that Splatoon 3 continues to evolve and thrive.

  • What are the new weapons introduced in Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2024?
    • The new weapons include Wellstring V, Custom Wellstring V, Mint Decavitator, and Charcoal Decavitator. Each weapon comes with unique abilities and variations to enhance gameplay.
  • How can I earn conch shells during Splatfests in Sizzle Season 2024?
    • Players can earn conch shells by participating in Conch Clashes, which occur during 10x Battles, 100x Battles, and 333x Battles. Winning these battles grants players conch shells as rewards.
  • What is the Triumvirate XTRAWAVE event in Salmon Run?
    • The Triumvirate XTRAWAVE is a new event in Salmon Run where players face three King Salmonids simultaneously. Successfully repelling these enemies rewards players with triple the usual amount of fish scales.
  • What changes have been made to SplatNet 3 in the Sizzle Season 2024 update?
    • SplatNet 3 now includes Journey 6 in Wandercrust, allowing players to earn support points by inking turf during Sizzle Season 2024. These points can be used to unlock various rewards.
  • How do the new terrain changes in battle stages affect gameplay?
    • The terrain changes in various battle stages provide new strategic opportunities and improve gameplay balance. These adjustments require players to adapt their tactics and explore new routes and positions in battles.