Sports Story update patch notes

Sports Story update patch notes

The latest version for Sports Story is almost finished being developed by Sidebar Games and will shortly be made available to gamers. The video game had only been out for a few days when gamers started reporting technical difficulties with it. This future update will hopefully fix the issues that players have been reporting since the game’s first release.

Sports Story patch notes

  • Tennis Academy
    • If you speak to the receptionist twice after beginning the baby court duty, your progress will be reset, but you will make progress toward completing the objective. After you have downloaded the patch, you will need to have another conversation with the receptionist in order to correct your mission progress.
    • You can make some headway in completing the goal if you hit the gong twice in a row. After you have downloaded the update, you will need to strike the gong once more to correct your progress (unless you have already continued playing after this point).
    • It is possible to steal a clue from the basement by climbing over the fence and taking it, which means it will not be available when you need it later. After downloading the patch, the hint will become available again at the appropriate time.
    • A punch card will be awarded for completing the task on the left side.
    • It ought should be easier to follow the baby tennis match.
  • Leaving an impression on Kelley Gibbon.
    • If the player were to leave the room and then come back, Kelley’s challenge starter would be removed. After downloading the update, you’ll need to have another conversation with him in order to make the challenge return.
  • Coming back around to the Dark Whispers
    • People have reported being unable to go beyond the point in the game when Captain America destroys the bridge and the Perpetrator appears. This is not a glitch. In order to escape, you will need to go back through the rooms that came before and move the coffee machine to the left so that it is not in the path.
  • Taking Care of the Bees
    • When I tried to collect the bees, there were moments when there were not enough of them entering the hive. During the challenge, participants who have this difficulty will have the option to advance after waiting a certain length of time.
  • Chase Trade
    • If you do not have more than $3 in your hands, Chase will not accept the offering swap that you have requested. You may get around this problem until the patch is released by making sure you have enough money on hand. This can be done in the meanwhile.
  • Silver Mines Return
    • It is possible that using the mining cart to get back to the Silver Mines may lead you to become trapped.

About Sports Story

Engage in an action-packed, adrenaline-filled athletic journey!

The role-playing game Sports Story is unlike any other sports RPG. Including a variety of athletic events and activities within the context of a single overarching narrative. As a result of the large cast of individuals you will encounter, you will acquire a large number of allies and adversaries as you go through the story. The game Sports Story is not only about sports; rather, it is a full-fledged athletic journey.


  • Play and master many distinct golf courses. As a tennis student, work your way up through the rankings. You are responsible for determining your own fate in the sports arena.
  • Explore dungeons, derelict ruins, and the enigmatic Wildlands as you make your way throughout the country on a train, a helicopter, and a houseboat.
  • As your Sporting Rank increases, you will be able to participate in other sports and activities, like BMX, mini-golf, cricket, volleyball, fishing, and many more.
  • Relax and unwind in the mall with its rotating events, specialized sporting goods shops, and exciting arcade games.