Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Spirits

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Spirits

During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct has announced Nintendo the new mechanism in Spirits



Spirits are characters who are deprived of their bodies and serve as power-up for the playable fighters. These spirits consist of a whole range of characters from games. For example, we see Knuckles, Zero, Dr. Wily and a lot of others.

How many there are has not been announced.

There are certainly many different things to collect. According to Sakurai you can see them as substitutes for trophies from the previous Super Smash Bros. titles.

Spirit levels and types

Spirits come in a number of different flavors: Novice, Advanced, Ace, Legend. This level indicates how strong a spirit is. In addition, there are also Master spirits that you must defeat in order to gain access to certain parts.

But besides levels you also have two forms of Spirits; primary (main) and secondary (help) spirits.

The main spirit gives your fighter powers, which give you a defensive, offensive or gripping advantage (depending on the chosen spirit). In addition, you can give your character a number of secondary spirits that you can assign. The number depends on the chosen main spirit.

Attack, grab and defend also play a role; they are all strong compared to 1 of the other 3. Attack is strong against grabbing, grabbing against defending and defending is strong against attack. So you have to deal with strategically.

The secondary spirits give your character extra skills, such as a better jumping ability or starting a fight with a certain weapon. With the unprecedented amount of spirits you can create countless combinations and thus make the difference in fighting.

Anything can happen

In the Spirits mode you can encounter unprecedented scenarios through the combinations that have been made. That may mean that the entire stage is set on fire, there is a toxic floor but could also mean that there are Gordos (spikes) flying through the level.

New spirits

You can collect spirits by winning spirit battles. When you win the fight you get the chance to free a spirit and add it to your collection. You have to hit the puppet fighter after winning to get the Spirit.

If you fail you will in any case damage the protective field of the fighter. What gives you an advantage if you take it on agains to get the spirit.

Spirit evolution

Spirits can become stronger if they are a main spirit, they become stronger with each win. You can also feed them ‘snacks’. Some spirits can even evolve once they have reached their highest level. So the possibilities are unprecedented.

But you can also send spirits back to the real world. Their core then remains with which you can evoke a new spirit. Spirits can also be trained in the gym / dojo or send a search for treasure.


Spirits can also be used to strengthen amiibo players.

We have not even discussed everything that is in the video … because it’s a lot but Spritis mode is in short huge! How huge? We really have no idea until we can really get started with it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will appear on December 7 for the Nintendo Switch and we can NOT wait.