Team Cherry – Hollow Knight: Silksong – It couldn’t be much longer

Team Cherry – Hollow Knight: Silksong – It couldn’t be much longer

With an Indie World showcase arriving soon away, many Hollow Knight fans may be wondering whether there will be any news regarding the long-awaited sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong, which has been in production since 2019.Just a few weeks ago, Silksong makers Team Cherry discussed the game’s status in a blog post for the 2021 Unity Awards, where Silksong received “Most Anticipated Game.”

Most Anticipated Game

The devs suggested in the statement that “it couldn’t be too much longer” until they can “share the game” with fans.

We are thrilled that Hollow Knight: Silksong earned the 2021 Unity Award for most anticipated game, and we are grateful to everyone of the fans who have shown their support while we work on the game. Thank you really lot. We’re looking forward to the day when we can show you the game. It couldn’t be much longer, can it?

A positive interpretation of Team Cherry’s statements might be that they were hinting to the Indie World Showcase, which seems to have spurred Silksong to trend again on Twitter. (As always)

However, it is also possible that Silksong may miss the showcase and that fans would have to wait just a little bit longer for additional information. Please Team Cherry Lords, let today be the day!