Terraria update version 1.4.3 patch notes and trailer

Terraria update version 1.4.3 patch notes and trailer

Terraria’s next major update has arrived on Nintendo Switch with version 1.4.3 now being available to gamers. On the PC, all material from the 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 updates is included.

The crossover with Don’t Starve Together is the centerpiece of this release. It also includes the vanity armors from the Community Contest, as well as the Tenth Anniversary World Seed and other goodies.


Terraria version 1.4.3 patch notes


  • Crossover content for Don’t Starve is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile devices!
    • Pets and new goods
    • Deerclops is a new boss.
    • A new universe of unique seeds has emerged.
    • Emotes
  • There are three new accomplishments to be earned:
    • Desserts only!
    • The Hero’s Boots
    • Hey! Listen!
  • The color of your pointer may now be changed!
  • The credits roll may now be accessible from the front end.
  • You may now select between several expand/collapse/close profiles for UI pages in Settings.


  • Wiring has been updated and made more efficient.
  • In Crafting and Duplication, we’ve upgraded the current filtering and search mechanisms.
  • You may now reset settings on a tab-by-tab basis rather than needing to reset everything.
  • The world selection screen has been upgraded and now includes more information.
  • A dedicated icon has been added to various UI pages, like as the Reforge menu and some storage pets.
  • Without having both menus connected with a page group, you may now change between Crafting and Duplication.
  • The states of the expanded/collapsed/closed pages are preserved between sessions.


  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when attempting to access the Painter’s shop during Christmas Fixed an issue where the game would crash when closing a chest while the inventory was open during multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash while installing furniture from the inventory when creating.
  • When playing in reverse gravity, various world items were wrongly positioned.
  • Fixed a small bug in which certain text editing fields (like Chest) would allow an infinite number of characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the placement grid would vanish when switching from non-grid to grid objects.