The Legend of Gwen is coming soon

The Legend of Gwen is coming soon

The Legend of Gwen will be available for purchase on Nintendo Switch in the next month, according to the announcement made by the game’s publisher, Flynn’s Arcade, in conjunction with Wiwigames. Beginning on February 16, 2023, the title will be available for purchase to anybody who is interested in doing so.


About The Legend of Gwen

Gwen, a new student at the school of witchcraft, had the ambition to one day become the most powerful witch in the whole globe. It was simply her bad luck that she arrived at an inconvenient moment, since just as she got there, there was a surprise visitor, and they couldn’t throw a celebration to welcome her… “The One Who Is Evil!”

“Evil” didn’t waste any time and got right to work soaking in as much information as she could from the school! Who will be the one to instruct Gwen in the ways of the witchcraft! Will she be able to educate herself without assistance? Will she be able to triumph against “The Evil One” and reclaim the school despite the challenges that lie ahead? Assist Gwen in overcoming this obstacle and vanquish “The Evil One” (if you are able to…)


  • Explore a variety of moons, each of which has its own challenges, colors, and opponents.
  • Each of the moons has a variety of hazards, adversaries, and powerful bosses.
  • Put your speed and dexterity to the test as you compete against the clock over a variety of challenging levels.
  • Gather a variety of seeds for use in the vegetable garden; do you think you can gather them all?
  • Isometric perspective, as well as varied vantage points from across all levels (Help to find secrets).
  • Due to the challenging nature of the game, you will need to seek for several aid chests as well as the boss hunter to assist you in combat.
  • The enchantment of checkpoints (Not available in levels against the clock).
  • Enjoy the challenge alongside your good buddy Corki in this game mode that allows you to play both characters at the same time.
  • There are six distinct kinds of wands, each of which brings a new element to the game.

On the Nintendo Switch eShop, The Legend of Gwen will be available for a price of $19.99.