Toby Fox shares progress updates for Deltarune

Toby Fox shares progress updates for Deltarune

Last year, Toby Fox began work on Deltarune – the successor to his wildly prolific game Undertale.  The indie developer finally dropped some new updates!

Toby tweeted several new teasers about what would come after Deltarune Chapter 1.

New Details

First off, he provided a much-needed progress update on how the game was going. Overall, Toby commented that work on the game was going well so far, and that its design was in line with his vision. He capped it off by promising that he was working hard to get more of Deltarune into people’s hands as soon as possible.

After that, Toby provided a sneak peek at some new assets for future chapters of Deltarune. For starters, he showcased a new ‘City’ location in the game, along with its (presumed) background soundtrack.

Additionally, Toby teased that the deer girl Noelle would play a bigger role in the game’s fantasy world – by showing off a sprite of her wearing a magical robe, along with another new music track.

It’s great to see Toby in such high spirits about the project. While we of course would have loved more information we are still hype!