Unreal Engine 5 support

Unreal Engine 5 support

Epic Games unveiled the impressive Unreal Engine 5 earlier. The new engine would support a range of devices from next gen consoles to iOS and Android.

However, the Nintendo Switch wasn’t explicitly stated at that point.

Eurogamer cleared up the confusion by reporting that it will work on the Nintendo Switch, though it will be toned down somewhat.

UE5 is compatible

UE5 gets its first public release early in 2021 with franchise juggernaut Fortnite transitioning across from UE4 later on in the same year.

Unlike UE4, however, the new iteration of the engine isn’t a clean break from the past. It has the same system targets as UE4, meaning it’ll run on anything from the most high-end PCs to old Android and iOS devices, encompassing current-gen consoles too – including Switch.

Obviously though, you can’t expect the same level of fidelity as the fully-fledged next-gen experience revealed earlier.