Witch On The Holy Night comes 2022

Witch On The Holy Night comes 2022

Following the highly anticipated release of Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon in 2021, TYPE-MOON will release another another game in 2022!

In 2022, Aniplex and TYPE-MOON will release a high-definition, fully voiced edition of the visual novel Witch on the Holy Night for the Nintendo Switch. In April of 2012, the original visual novel was published on PC for the first time.


About Witch On The Holy Night 

Two witches dwell in a house on top of a hill… It was the late 1980s. The end of an era marked by extravagance and vivacity. A youngster who has just arrived in the city comes paths with two modern-day witches.

The boy led a normal life; she led a dignified and proud life; the girl hid in plain sight, as if unconscious. Each of their stars took a different route. It seemed unimaginable that they would align. But it wasn’t long until the three persons, who were very different in every aspect, started living together.