World of Tanks Blitz: Celebrating a Decade of Epic Tank Battles

World of Tanks Blitz: Celebrating a Decade of Epic Tank Battles


World of Tanks Blitz is celebrating its 10th anniversary, marking a significant milestone for this beloved MMO action game. Since its launch as a mobile-only game, it has grown into a cross-platform AAA title available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. Over the past decade, the game has seen remarkable growth, boasting 180 million registered players and generating over 1 billion USD in lifetime revenue.

The MS-1 team has continuously improved the game based on player feedback, enhancing graphics, performance, and gameplay. To celebrate this anniversary, World of Tanks Blitz has planned an entire summer of exciting in-game events, including new tank releases, special rewards, and collaborations with popular franchises. Join the festivities and experience the thrill of tank battles in this globally acclaimed game.

The World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz, an online multiplayer game dedicated to tank combat, has reached an incredible milestone: its 10th anniversary. This game, initially launched as a mobile-only platform, has evolved into a cross-platform phenomenon available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. With 180 million registered players and over 1 billion USD in lifetime revenue, World of Tanks Blitz has firmly established itself as a major player in the gaming world. As we celebrate this decade of success, it’s important to look back at the journey that brought us here and the exciting future that lies ahead.

The Evolution of World of Tanks Blitz

When World of Tanks Blitz launched ten years ago, it was a mobile-only game with just eight maps and three tank nations. Over the years, it has expanded to include macOS, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, creating a seamless cross-play and cross-progression ecosystem. This expansion has allowed players to enjoy tank battles across multiple devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience. The game’s development team, MS-1, has consistently pushed the boundaries, incorporating player feedback to refine and enhance the gaming experience. Today, World of Tanks Blitz boasts a robust cross-platform presence that caters to tank enthusiasts worldwide.

Expanding the Tank Roster

One of the most significant developments in World of Tanks Blitz has been the expansion of its tank roster. From the initial three tank nations, the game now features over 500 historical and fictional tanks. These tanks span various classes, including light, medium, heavy, and tank destroyers, each offering unique gameplay experiences. The addition of new tanks has kept the game fresh and exciting, providing players with a diverse range of options to explore and master. The constant updates and additions have ensured that World of Tanks Blitz remains a dynamic and engaging game for its vast player base.


Celebrating a Decade: Key Milestones

World of Tanks Blitz’s journey over the past decade has been marked by impressive player growth. Starting with a modest player base, the game now boasts 180 million registered players worldwide. This exponential growth is a testament to the game’s broad appeal and the dedicated efforts of the development team to continually enhance the player experience. The game’s community has flourished, with players from all corners of the globe coming together to engage in intense tank battles. The thriving player base reflects the game’s enduring popularity and its ability to attract and retain a diverse audience.

Revenue Achievements

In addition to its substantial player base, World of Tanks Blitz has achieved remarkable financial success. The game has generated over 1 billion USD in lifetime revenue, underscoring its status as a major revenue driver for Wargaming. This financial milestone highlights the game’s ability to monetize effectively while delivering a high-quality, free-to-play experience. The revenue generated has allowed the development team to invest in continuous improvements, ensuring that World of Tanks Blitz remains at the forefront of the tank combat genre. The game’s financial success is a reflection of its enduring appeal and the loyalty of its player community.

In-Game Events for the 10th Anniversary

To kick off the 10th-anniversary celebrations, World of Tanks Blitz has launched a scorching hot birthday event throughout June. This event offers players the opportunity to win a brand-new Tier VIII tank and some of their favorite Tier X tanks. Additionally, players can claim a special celebratory container filled with exclusive rewards, including the Blasteroid tank, a themed avatar, and a profile background. The June event sets the stage for an exciting summer of festivities, rewarding players for their dedication and participation. It’s a fantastic way to begin the anniversary celebrations and engage the player community with thrilling in-game activities.

July: Space-Themed Party and Cosmic Activities

As the summer progresses, July brings a space-themed party and cosmic activities to World of Tanks Blitz. This month, the “Objective: Sheridan Missile” event returns, featuring the popular Sheridan Missile tank. Players can look forward to an immersive experience with space-themed events and rewards. Additionally, a special collaboration with a world-famous sci-fi movie franchise will take the celebration to new heights, offering unique in-game content and exciting cross-over events. July’s events promise to be out of this world, providing players with unique opportunities to enhance their tank collections and enjoy themed gameplay.

August: Mad Games Event and Seniority Awards

August marks the conclusion of the summer-long anniversary celebration with the return of the beloved Mad Games event. This fan-favorite event will run for 10 days, offering players intense and chaotic tank battles with unique gameplay mechanics. In addition to Mad Games, the highly anticipated seniority awards will be distributed, recognizing long-term players for their loyalty and contributions to the game. To cap off the festivities, a secret and epic gift will be unveiled, celebrating a decade of virtual tank battles and honoring the dedicated player community. August’s events are set to provide a thrilling finale to the anniversary celebrations.

Special Rewards and Collaborations

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations, World of Tanks Blitz is introducing new Tier VIII and Tier X tanks. These new additions provide players with exciting options to enhance their tank collections and experience new gameplay dynamics. The introduction of these tanks is a testament to the game’s commitment to continually expanding and evolving its roster, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. Players can look forward to exploring the capabilities of these new tanks and incorporating them into their battle strategies, adding another layer of depth to the game’s already rich tank combat experience.

Sheridan Missile Event and Sci-Fi Collaboration

July’s space-themed celebrations include the return of the popular “Objective: Sheridan Missile” event. This event features the Sheridan Missile tank, a favorite among players for its unique capabilities and gameplay mechanics. Additionally, World of Tanks Blitz is partnering with a world-famous sci-fi movie franchise to bring exclusive content and events to the game. This collaboration will introduce unique in-game items, themed events, and special missions, providing players with an immersive and engaging experience. The combination of the Sheridan Missile event and the sci-fi collaboration adds an exciting and novel dimension to the anniversary celebrations.

Insights from the MS-1 Team

Thaine Lyman, General Manager at MS-1 studio, Wargaming, shared valuable insights into the development and success of World of Tanks Blitz. He emphasized the importance of setting no limits, allowing the team to transform a niche tank gameplay into a fun and engaging experience that appeals to a broader audience. Lyman’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in guiding the game’s evolution and ensuring its continued success. His insights provide a glimpse into the dedication and passion that drives the MS-1 team, highlighting their commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience to the global player community.

The Vision for the Next Decade

Looking ahead, the MS-1 team has ambitious plans for the future of World of Tanks Blitz. Building on the success of the past decade, the team aims to introduce new features, game modes, and content that will continue to captivate and engage players. The vision for the next decade includes enhancing the game’s graphics, improving performance, and incorporating innovative gameplay mechanics. The team is also focused on expanding the game’s community and fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for players. The future of World of Tanks Blitz is bright, with exciting developments on the horizon that will ensure the game’s enduring appeal and success.

The Global Impact of World of Tanks Blitz

One of the key factors in the success of World of Tanks Blitz is its strong community engagement. The development team places a high value on player feedback, continuously incorporating suggestions and ideas to enhance the game. This collaborative approach has fostered a loyal and passionate player base, contributing to the game’s ongoing popularity. Regular communication through forums, social media, and in-game events helps to keep the community informed and involved. The global reach of World of Tanks Blitz is evident in its diverse player community, with tank enthusiasts from all over the world coming together to enjoy the game.

Cross-Play and Cross-Progression Features

World of Tanks Blitz’s cross-play and cross-progression features have played a significant role in its widespread appeal. These features allow players to seamlessly switch between different platforms while maintaining their progress and achievements. Whether playing on a mobile device, PC, or console, players can enjoy a consistent and uninterrupted gaming experience. The ability to cross-play with friends on different platforms enhances the social aspect of the game, making it easier for players to connect and collaborate. The cross-progression feature ensures that players’ hard-earned progress is preserved, providing a sense of continuity and investment in the game.

Wargaming’s Role in World of Tanks Blitz’s Success

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of World of Tanks Blitz, has a long-standing reputation for creating high-quality online games. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, Wargaming has grown into a global leader in the gaming industry. The company’s portfolio includes several successful titles, with World of Tanks Blitz being one of its flagship products. Wargaming’s commitment to innovation, quality, and player satisfaction has been a driving force behind the success of World of Tanks Blitz. The company’s extensive experience and expertise in game development have ensured the game’s continued growth and evolution.

Future Plans and Developments

As World of Tanks Blitz moves into its second decade, Wargaming has ambitious plans for the game’s future. These plans include the introduction of new content, features, and enhancements that will keep the game fresh and engaging for players. The development team is focused on exploring new technological advancements, such as improved graphics and performance optimizations, to deliver a superior gaming experience. Wargaming also aims to expand the game’s reach by exploring new platforms and markets, ensuring that World of Tanks Blitz remains a leading title in the tank combat genre. The future looks promising, with exciting developments on the horizon.

How to Join the 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Joining the 10th-anniversary celebrations in World of Tanks Blitz is easy and rewarding. Players can start by logging into the game and navigating to the event section, where they will find details about the ongoing and upcoming events. Participating in these events often requires completing specific missions or objectives, which can be tracked within the game. Players should also keep an eye on the in-game store for special anniversary offers and rewards. Engaging with the community through forums and social media can provide additional insights and tips for making the most of the celebrations.

Tips for Maximizing Rewards

To maximize rewards during the 10th-anniversary celebrations, players should focus on participating in as many events and activities as possible. Completing daily missions and objectives can yield valuable rewards, including exclusive tanks and in-game currency. Players should also take advantage of any special offers in the in-game store, as these can provide significant value during the celebration period. Staying active in the game’s community can help players stay informed about hidden rewards and tips for optimizing their gameplay. By fully immersing themselves in the anniversary festivities, players can make the most of this milestone celebration.


World of Tanks Blitz’s 10th anniversary is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and success. From its humble beginnings as a mobile-only game, it has evolved into a cross-platform phenomenon enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. The game’s development team has consistently delivered high-quality content and improvements, ensuring that players remain engaged and entertained. The 10th-anniversary celebrations offer a unique opportunity for players to experience exciting new events, rewards, and collaborations. As we look to the future, World of Tanks Blitz is poised to continue its legacy of delivering thrilling tank combat experiences for years to come.

  • What platforms is World of Tanks Blitz available on?
    • World of Tanks Blitz is available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.
  • How many tanks are available in World of Tanks Blitz?
    • World of Tanks Blitz features over 500 historical and fictional tanks.
  • What special events are planned for the 10th anniversary?
    • The 10th anniversary includes events such as a scorching hot birthday event, a space-themed party, and the return of Mad Games, among other surprises.
  • How can players participate in the anniversary celebrations?
    • Players can participate by logging into the game, completing missions, and engaging in the special events and activities planned throughout the summer.
  • What is the significance of cross-play and cross-progression in World of Tanks Blitz?
    • Cross-play and cross-progression allow players to switch between different platforms seamlessly, maintaining their progress and achievements while playing with friends across various devices.

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