Yacht Club Games – Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Yacht Club Games – Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Shovel Knight developers, Yacht Club Games are some of the most talented developers in the world with many of their games spanning across multiple platform.

With Shovel Knight even making an appearance in the latest Super Smash Bros.

Destructoid thought it would be nice to ask Yacht Club’s Sean Velasco which Nintendo game he would like to work on when given a chance to.

It’s a surprise really

With much passion, the team replied that they would like to work on Rusty’s Real Deal Basketball.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. I can’t believe he wasn’t in Smash. Other than that, I’d just love to hear what Nintendo would think we could do a good job on. I’d like to help them in whatever way we could.


Well that was a curveball now wasn’t it. It is not so weird that most would not know the 3DS baseball game, but if Yacht Club gets their hands on it, who knows what might actually happen.