Yomawari 3 Announced coming April 2022 to Japan

Yomawari 3 Announced coming April 2022 to Japan

Nippon Ichi Software officially announced Yomawari 3 in Japan with a launch date of 21 April 2022. This  new entry sees players in the shoes of a young lady who has befallen a terrible curse – and has to explore a frightening world to find answers.


About Yomawari 3

Light is the central mechanic to the adventure, Yomawari 3 tasks players with exploring lonely locations, using the light of the hero’s torch to uncover hidden paths, items, but also frightening creatures that wait in the dark. While the player cannot fight, they can run, hide, or simply close their eyes in hopes that their diminished presence will lure the enemies away.

Currently, a western release of the game has not been announced.  NIS America has worked overtime in bringing localizations to English-speaking audiences over the past years, so never say never.