Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast – Debut Trailer

Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast – Debut Trailer

Takara Tomy released a trailer for Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast which is heading for Nintendo Switch this winter in Japan.

The trailer shows off a bit more footage of the game in action, including some of the new Zoid customization options being introduced in the title.


About Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast

This sequel will include new Zoids such as Rising Liger, along with extensive Zoids customization, making it a much bigger game content wise than the previous entry.

Like its predecessor, Zoids Wild Infinity Blast will be a 3D fighting game with Zoids and their pilots challenging each other.

Takara Tomy first announced the game last month as a follow-up title to Zoids Wild: King of Blast, which released in Japan in February 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. Zoids Wild: King of Blast will release in the West as Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed on October 16, 2020.