Soon no more Netflix etc on the Wii

Soon no more Netflix etc on the Wii

Nintendo will on 31 January 2019 stop all streaming services of the Wii. Including Netflix and Youtube.

Bye Netflix

Netflix shared this news via an email to its customers and on its official website. The application, which still has some loyal followers on the Wii to this day, will no longer be usable from then on.

Netflix advises users to switch to other options.


It is not known whether this means that a possible Nintendo Switch version comes from Netflix. The door for streaming on the Nintendo Switch is however officially open: recently, YouTube launched on the device.

Wii only

Just for good order; this is really only about the Wii. On the Wii U you can just keep watching Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services, but for that, given the not so great success of the Wii U question; for how long?

Do you use your console a lot for streaming services?