Steel Diver

Steel Diver

Submerge beneath the murky waters of the ocean in this submarine combat  game for Nintendo 3DS.

Steel Diver brings submarine action to your handheld system

Steel Diver contains three separate modes, each providing a completely different type of thrilling maritime gameplay.”

Control a submarine and advance with stealth and cunning through the ocean depths in this 3D side-scrolling mode.

Periscope Strike
Use your periscope to seek out enemy ships and sink them with precisely-timed torpedoes. This exciting, action-packed mode has strong shooting-game elements.

Steel Commander
Use shrewd strategy and clever tactics to win the day in this chess-like, turn-based battle simulation. You can even challenge another player to see who will triumph in a battle of wits, one-on-one, via Download Play…

Control a submarine and take part in thrilling 3D naval battles!

Advance through the Ocean Depths
In Missions mode, you complete specific underwater objectives by skilfully manoeuvring your submarine with the stylus. Steer deftly to the goal position (avoiding enemies, land masses and obstacles) by setting your sub to advance FORWARD, REVERSE, DIVE or SURFACE.

Anticipate What’s Ahead Before Acting
Submarines cannot accelerate quickly or stop suddenly underwater, so it’s important to anticipate what may be coming when progressing through the dark and briny depths of the vast 3D ocean. You must think ahead carefully to outsmart hidden enemies and avoid crashing into the underwater terrain. The best commander is quick-witted and able to maintain a steady hand under pressure…

Basic Sub Controls
Basic submarine controls are performed using two levers
Firing Torpedoes
Enemy ships and gargantuan creatures of the deep can be attacked using torpedoes
Mayday! Flood Damage!
If your vessel is damaged you’ll start to take on water, which makes it impossible to control your sub –  touch the flooded parts to fix them, quickly!

Three Types of Submarine
In missions, you will control one of three submarines, each with uniquely different features. Some are better for swift course changes, others for sheer destructive firepower – choose carefully, as using a specific sub may allow you to proceed more smoothly through certain missions.

Get your submarine game on with Periscope Strike

Scan the horizon
This mode offers an intense 3D shooting game in which you attempt to speedily sink enemy ships using  torpedoes. Your periscope view is controlled using the gyro sensor of Nintendo 3DS, so rotating your body while you hold your Nintendo 3DS system moves the periscope!

Try dragging the Nintendo 3DS system left and right to change the view

Observe and Predict

It’s important that you pay careful attention to how far away enemy ships are, how fast they are moving and their course: this will allow you to figure out the best time to launch a torpedo to hit your target squarely for maximum damage. But the ocean gets rough: you will also battle in stormy seas and underwater, where visibility is poor and any number of enemies could be out there…

Steel Diver goes strategic with Steel Commander

Uncover and Destroy Enemy Vessels in Battle Simulations

Steel Commander offers a strategic battle simulation in glorious, glasses-free 3D. In this mode you’ll need to make good use of three different types of warship to seek out and sink a hidden fleet.

Move your Ships like Chess Pieces

*Commanders take turns to move their units
*At the start of the battle, neither fleet can be seen by the other commander. Only submarines can enter the enemy area
*Submarines can use sonar to uncover adversaries nearby – however, a submarine’s position is revealed when it uses sonar
*Battle commences when a hostile ship is discovered
* Victory is achieved when all of your opponent’s supply ships or submarines have been sunk

The Three Ship Types in Your Fleet

These attack with torpedoes and are capable of using sonar.

Such craft attack using depth charges on the surface or deep beneath the waves.

Supply Ships
Are unable to attack – and you will lose the battle if all of your supply ships are sunk.

Basic Game Flow  
Basic Game Flow Before Battle Commences

Sneak Into Enemy Territory
Move your submarines to areas where you think hostile ships may be lurking – remember, submarines are the only ships that can enter enemy territory.

Approach Carefully…
Getting closer to an enemy ship will reveal locations where it might be lying in wait  – but you won’t know its exact position quite yet…

Locations marked with a ‘?’ could potentially contain an enemy ship

Use Sonar to Pinpoint Hostile Units
Use sonar to discover the locations of hostile ships – but exercise caution, as your own location will be revealed to the enemy when you do.

Attack Your Opponent!
Once you’ve discovered the location of an enemy unit, you can attack it – when attacking with a submarine you will enter Periscope Strike mode for a direct attack!

Watch out, if you’re discovered by the other side, an escort ship may attack your vessel using a depth charge.


The Key is to Anticipate your Opponent’s Actions
Because you can’t see the locations of hostile units, you have to cleverly predict where the supply ships and subs may be, as well as using sonar sparingly and at the right time to confirm your suspicions. Success will allow you to approach an enemy supply ship without being detected – but if your predictions are off, you might leave yourself open to a decisive and deadly attack!

Wireless Battles

Wireless Battles Using One Nintendo 3DS Game Card
Download Play allows you to take on another player in a one-on-one wireless battle using only one Nintendo 3DS Game Card.

Please note: a Nintendo 3DS system is required for each player.

By simply sending them the game data, you can engage in a challenging game of naval combat with another player who doesn’t own the game.