Dragoon X Omega II

Dragoon X Omega II

Centuries ago, the hubris of man led him to tamper with the realm of the gods, and a pestilence swept the land. Some fled to the south, building a great wall to seal themselves away.

This land came to be known as Hylis. The Shogonite are the Warrior class of Hylis, gifted in arms and PSI. They are led by two generals: Sargon and Tyris. The loggers began to vanish near Endengard, it was Sargon who was sent to investigate on behalf of Lord Higa. In the forest north of the town, Sargon and his men were ambushed in the night by a horde of strange beasts.

At the brink of victory, his own men turned upon him, and he was forced to kill every one of them. Barely surviving this ordeal, Sargon made his way back towards Hylis Keep, to tell Lord Higa of This grave turn of events.

So it began.