Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures

For the first time, Fox McCloud steps out of his Arwing and onto Nintendo GameCube in an all-new adventure.

Eight years after the defeat of Andross, the Star Fox team discovers a beautiful prehistoric planet ruled by a sinister tyrant known as General Scales. You must take charge of Star Fox leader Fox McCloud to free the inhabitants from Scales’s evil clutches and restore peace to this primal paradise.

Star Fox Adventures takes place in a vast 3-D world full of strange scenery, brain-teasing puzzles and intense action. Learn the secrets of a mystical staff to fend off enemies and cast a variety of spells. Plus the intuitive, enemy-locking target system allows you to battle foes without skipping a beat. And you’ll need to build clever strategies to defeat the huge boss enemies.

Naturally, Fox can’t keep away from the comfort of his Arwing for too long, and hops back into the cockpit to traverse land and fight through space in amazing shoot ’em up sections. Witness technologically advanced graphics with Rare’s fur-rendering techniques and lavish effects including shimmering water, real-time lighting, depth-of-field blurring and a sophisticated facial animation system.

These amazingly realistic graphics, coupled with movie-like music and sound, plus real voice-overs, make Star Fox Adventures an experience you won’t want to miss!