Desktop Football

Desktop Football

The desk is your field! Lace up your shoes for a simple yet challenging football game!

Share the Joy-Con™ with up to 4 people for a football free-for-all!

Make your own original team by adjusting formations and positions!

Aim to win the tournament!

[Practice Match]

Pit your team against the CPU for practice,

or spectate a match between two CPU teams!

[Friendly Match]

Up to 4 players

Take on a football titan in a 3 on 1 ambush, or compete evenly, 2 on 2.

Choose sides as you like!

A world of scenarios awaits you!

[Team Selection]

You can decide everything, from player names to formations, numbers, and positions.

Assign power-up items and statuses

to create your own original team!


Particiapte in tournaments with other veteran players.

Strengthen your team, polish your techniques,

and aim for the win!

[Free Kick Prize Pool]

Use points acquired from matches

to score new power-up items,

formations, and uniforms.

[Mini Game]

Hit the kick-target for a chance to get extra points!

Aim carefully to hit the mark!

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