Elite Soldier Shooter

Elite Soldier Shooter

Sometimes there are tasks where SWAT can not handle… and then you appear — Elite Soldier. You are the “champion” on special assignments.

The tasks are diverse and complex: from the simple pull up of the terrorists to the rescue of the hostages and the defused of the bomb. Your goal is to survive and fulfill all the conditions of the assignment. But remember that one mistake can be expensive.

At your disposal, guns for any type of tasks — there is a pistol and machine gun and rifle. And even grenade, if you decide to play on a large scale. But it will be better if your gun sounds is not so noisy.


  • Single player shooter with storyline;
  • Interesting and difficult special missions;
  • Arsenal of deadly weapons for every taste.

Release info - Elite Soldier Shooter

Release date
2022-10-06 00:00:00


Demo available

DLC available

Max players

Age rating

NS Online support

Game code

Cloud Saves support

Voice Chat support

HD Rumble support

english, portuguese, russian, korean, chinese

action, first_person_shooter, simulation, shooter

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