Tiny Gladiators

Tiny Gladiators

Tiny Gladiators swings you back and forth like a battleaxe: crush your rivals in 1-on-1 combat, then set out on your road to revenge, building up your magical arsenal as you seek your father’s killer. Now charge back into the fighting arena, armed with fearsome powers, to strike your rivals down!

The more fights you win, the more weapons you can afford, and the further you can venture into the fantastic world of Tiny Gladiators. Grow your powers and skills, and watch your Tiny Gladiators rise into legends!


  • Lightning-fast fighting game with an RPG twist

Truly original gameplay, where supernatural powers are earned and nothing is taken for granted. Well-paced gameplay varies between RPG quests and all-out white-knuckle duels.

  • 1v1 local multiplayer

Take on your friends (and enemies!) in fighting mode

  • 1+1 coop local multiplayer

Team up with a friend and take on the world together! The more fights you win, the more weapons the two of you can afford. You’ll need all the help you can get in the later levels…

  • Survival tower mode

Eventually your strength is going to give out, but you can take a whole lot of enemies with you first! (Their souls belong to you now…)

  • 195 levels

And all of them different. As the warriors you fight grow increasingly fierce, you’ll need all the powers you can get!

  • Epic boss fights

22 bosses, 22 incredible, bone-shaking battles

  • Hardcore mode

You say it’s too easy for you? That you cut through 195 levels and 22 bosses like wet toilet paper? Hardcore mode is for you. (Warning: do not attempt unless you are extremely hardcore!)

  • Precious revenge

Years ago, something unforgivable happened to your father. It falls to you to find out what, and who. Every devastating power you gain, each artifact you enchant, and every duel you fight and win: each one brings you one step closer to your ultimate revenge.

Release info - Tiny Gladiators

Release date
2019-11-22 00:00:00

BoomBit Games

Demo available

DLC available

Max players

Age rating

NS Online support

Game code

Cloud Saves support

Voice Chat support

HD Rumble support

japanese, english, spanish, french, german, italian, dutch, portuguese, russian, korean, chinese

action, fighting, arcade, rpg

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