Voxel Shot

Voxel Shot

Voxel Shot is a simple pick up and play action game set in an adorably quirky world of toys where you and your friends beat up zombies (and each other!) using a variety of different weapons.

A world ravaged by zombified toys infected with a mysterious virus.

Day after day, the toys fight for control of the remaining resources.

Defeat unique zombies with a variety of weapons at your disposal!

There are even cars and motorcycles to ride around in each stage!


  • You’re all that’s left!
  • Defeat the zombies in each stage with a variety of weapons and complete missions while aiming for new high scores.


  • 2-4 players*.
  • Work together to beat the zombie menace!
  • You can even square off against your friends for some thrilling and heated battles!
  • How you play is up to you! Check it out in the Options menu.

[Race Mode]

  • Think battles are all we’ve got? Guess again! Race your friends on vehicles such as motorcycles and buggies in the exciting race mode!
  • Annihilate everyone in your path and lock down the fastest time!

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Demo available

DLC available

NS Online support

Cloud Saves support

Voice Chat support

HD Rumble support