Chasing Aurora

Chasing Aurora

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Experience a game inspired by the dream of flight in Chasing Aurora for Wii U. Spread your wings and soar in this beautiful 2D aerial action title for up to five players, available only from Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Set amongst a breath-taking vector graphics version of the Alps, and with an original soundtrack to play along to, Chasing Aurora invites you to swoop into a world of unique pop-up book style environments and experience the Wii U console’s asymmetric multiplayer capabilities. As well as the single-player mode there are three different multiplayer modes, so there’s plenty of fun for all! You can take your pick of the flock with five characters to choose from – are you more of a falcon fan or a crane character?

Multiplayer takes advantage of the asymmetric gameplay allowed by the Wii U GamePad, as one person takes control of the GamePad while the rest play using a Wii Remote and Nunchuk each. In two of the multiplayer modes, you’ll become either the predator or the prey and swap roles depending on the mode and which controller you’re using…

In Hide & Seek the player with the GamePad must hide from the other players who will try to steal the Aurora’s Gem they’re carrying – you’ll need precise movements and good timing to try to stay in the air. Or stay cool and freeze all of the other players in Freeze Tag as you use the GamePad to fly into them – the rest of the players need to co-operate and try to keep at least one bird unfrozen until the end of the round. Alternatively, Chase mode means it’s every bird for themselves as you all try to grab (and keep holding onto) Aurora’s Gem, while trying to be the last bird flying. Only one player can be left at the end!

Single-player mode is just as much of a hoot though – you can take part in a Trail Challenge and attempt to fly through a course against the clock, while hitting targets and scoring yourself points to receive time bonuses. But when the timer reaches zero, it’s game over. Your adrenaline is sure to be pumping as you attempt to dodge environmental hazards like waterfalls or sudden gusts of wind!

Soar up high in Chasing Aurora for Wii U, the dream of flight has never been so uplifting!

  • Experience a dream-like take on flight in a charming two-dimensional world, with five unique characters to choose from
  • Compete in three different multiplayer modes and a single-player challenge mode where you must race against the clock
  • Lightning storms, waterfalls and falling icicles – many challenges await you up in the air!